pic-environmental1Our modular barricades are constructed from recycled materials. Unlike a traditional sheetrock barricade that gets demolished & goes directly to a landfill, our modular construction barricades can survive for years and then be recycled for other uses.



Our innovative, environmentally sound modular barricades have a useful life of 20+ years compared to traditional drywall barricades, which only last the life of the job before going to a landfill.


Our innovative eco-friendly modular barricades start life as recycled materials. We fabricate the barricade wall panels from reclaimed materials that would have otherwise occupied landfills.


Our innovative modular barricades can be recycled again at the end of their life. All of our recycled aluminum framing is 100% recyclable and our textured facing material can be recycled to make materials for other industries.

We estimate that we prevent tons of waste materials from going to America’s landfills every year. We continue to seek out eco-friendly ideas and believe in doing our part to preserve the earth for future generations.

Our modular construction barricades are not only good for you and your customers, but are also good for our planet. When you choose Center Stage, you are preserving landfill space, giving useful materials a second life and making an environmentally responsible choice.