By blending art and technology with ingenuity and strategy, we plan and build engaging visual experiences that will set you apart from the competition and boost your business.


One of the greatest advantages to working with us is the high quality of our custom craftsmanship. We use advanced machinery, the best materials and hand-applied artistic finishes. These elements make all the difference in the overall outcome of the project. The quality control measures we take during production ensure our displays look great year after year.

We thrive on active client communication and firmly believe it is vital to amazing results. Listening carefully to your ideas and needs allows us to develop creative concepts that exceed your expectations.

Talented Artisans

Our diversified team of highly skilled artists and artisans has expertise to bring any project from concept to completion. We have a range of talented artists who specialize in sketching, computer aided design, graphic design, 3D modeling, sculpting, airbrushing and more.

Concepts, Color Studies & Multiple Views

We’ll collaborate closely with you during the discovery phase and then get to work concepting. We will provide you with multiple ideas from which you can choose. We also supply color studies, which let you see how your custom seasonal décor looks in different colors, so you can choose the option you like best. In addition, you will be equipped with multiple views of your themed concept, giving you a true sense of how your décor program will look from different perspectives.


Our engineers and carpenters bring to life all the designs our artists dream up using state-of-the art machinery. The use of the very best materials ensures long-term durability.

Finishing Touches

Details and finishing touches are hand-applied for custom individuality.

Incorporating Sponsors

We know sponsorship has become very important for many clients, and are very savvy at incorporating sponsor logos or branding into our designs without compromising the integrity of the seasonal décor program. Whether the sponsor needs exposure throughout the program or just a small signage opportunity, we will work with you to create a design your sponsor will love.