With your littlest guests in mind, we put several health & safety measures in place during the soft play area design and installation process.

Healthy Play

pic-healthsafety1Play is an essential component of healthy development in children. Our custom themed soft play parks provide an opportunity for children to develop their motor, perceptual and social skills in a fun, unique environment.

Soft Foam Surfaces

All of our play pieces have high-quality, super soft foam surfaces that are smooth and protective.

Antimicrobial Surfaces

pic-healthsafety2Parents may take some comfort in knowing that our play pieces are coated with ASTM code compliant antimicrobial urethanes, which inhibit the growth of germs, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Appropriate Size and Scale for Kids

The size of each play piece is just the right scale for young children with grab points positioned where playing children would expect to find them.

Safety Flooring, Exceeding ASTM’s Standards

pic-healthsafety3Play structures are secured atop soft safe flooring, which exceeds ASTM’s standards for drop and fall ratings, ultimately protecting children and keeping them safe. For indoor play areas, our extra padded flooring is specially engineered to cushions falls. For outdoor play areas, our impact absorbing poured rubber surfacing has a durable wear layer along with a cushion layer to give kids a safe landing.

ASTM Compliant

All elements in our soft play parks meet or exceed standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Rules Signage

pic-healthsafety4Safety first! Rules posted at the entrance of each soft play park inform guests of the guidelines for play and adult supervision. In addition to promoting a safe play environment, rules signage can be designed in the theme of your play park, adding to the overall ambiance.