3 Reasons Every Airport Needs a Soft Play Park

Airport Needs a Soft Play Park

Giving kids time to get the wiggles and giggles out before boarding a plane is the key to a successful flight, especially if it’s a going to be a long journey.  Center Stage Productions helps create a positive travel experience for tiny travelers and their families by designing, manufacturing and installing children’s soft play areas for airport terminals.

Why is a soft play park a beneficial addition to an airport terminal?

#1 Soft Play Parks Make Dwell Time Enjoyable

Stringent security measures give traveling families more dwell time between security and boarding, making it tricky to keep kids entertained for the duration. Surviving a lengthy layover can also be a challenge. Keeping kids occupied is a real art and the availability of amusements is important to help dwell time fly by. Soft play parks allow kids to climb, crawl, slide and more in a safe environment and can be designed to include comfortable seating for adults along with cell phone charging stations. This makes waiting easy on parents and fun for the kids, so everyone wins! KidsClub_210-2-10-2014-smaller

#2 Soft Play Parks Give Families a Big Reason to Choose Your Airport Over Another

Before a planned family trip, parents worry about how to entertain their toddlers while waiting at airports and strategize ways to keep them busy.  Take the stress out of travel and give them a reason to choose your airport over another by installing a soft play park. Kid friendly activities are an important convenience that parents want and therefore could be the deciding factor in which airport they choose. Having an inviting soft play park makes it an easy decision to choose your airport over another, pulls you ahead of the competition and encourages repeat visitation.

#3 Soft Play Parks can be Designed Exclusively For Your Airport

Imagine soft play structures designed to look like a sleek jet, an airport tower, an aircraft cockpit or perhaps a regional icon.  Soft play equipment along with padded safety carpeting can be designed in any theme imaginable, giving you the opportunity to instill a presence of wonderment and enhance the customer experience. When it comes to theme ideas, the sky’s the limit because Center Stage Productions custom designs all soft play pieces one at a time, exclusively for each individual client.


For more ideas on how to differentiate your airport, download our eBook.


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