3 Reasons Sports Stadiums Should Have Soft Play Parks


It’s game day! And it happens to be your 2-year old daughter’s first trip to the stadium.  As you drive to the game, you are worried that she will be restless and won’t enjoy herself.  After you pass through the turnstiles and make your way to your seats, your daughter’s eyes light up – it’s a soft play park full of children laughing, giggling and having a great time!

Here are 3 reasons why a soft play park would make a great addition to your stadium:

#1 Children’s play areas create a family friendly environment


Stadiums need to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible.  Mom and Dad may be passionate fans riveted by every play, but their toddler will have other ideas of fun.  Soft play parks on the stadium concourse allow kids to crawl, climb, slide and more in a safe environment that can even include comfortable adult seating, shoe cubbies and cell phone charging stations.  Sounds like the perfect break for parents and kids alike!


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#2 Soft play parks can be custom designed for your stadium

Center Stage Productions custom designs all soft play pieces, one at a time, to the specifications of each client.  We’ll bring your vision to reality, as virtually any design theme is possible.  We can recreate a miniature ball field, concession stand and team mascot too.  The soft play park will fit the ambience of your stadium and add value to the customer’s experience.

#3 Children will be more excited to attend sporting events if they have a place to play

Are you looking to widen your fan base and increase game day attendance?  If they enjoyed their time in the soft play park, your youngest fans will be thrilled to return to the stadium and will urge their parents to attend as many game as possible.  Eventually, as toddlers become teens, they will have fond memories of their stadium experience and will be likely to develop into lifetime fans.


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