3 Reasons Why Children’s Hospitals Should Have Soft Play Parks


Parents want the best for their children, especially when they are sick or injured and need hospital care.  The search for the best children’s hospital goes beyond seeking out first-rate medical care. The right atmosphere and environment surrounding children can make all the difference.  Making kids and their families feel welcomed and comfortable is part of the specialized treatment which many children’s hospitals strive for.  Having a soft play park is a great family-friendly amenity that can be that “something extra” that allows children to feel at ease and have a sense of comfort that minimizes anxiety.

A play park would be a great addition to any children’s hospital, and here are 3 of the primary benefits of installing a soft play park:

Create a Fun, Safe Environment for Families

sample-3Play can be an important component of the healing process. Children get a chance to be themselves and escape from medical procedures and health concerns. Soft play parks allow kids to climb, crawl and slide on squishy soft play structures that are appropriately sized for children. Parents can relax knowing that the play pieces are coated with ASTM code compliant antimicrobial urethanes, which inhibit the growth of germs, bacteria and other microorganisms. Children and families can connect with others who are also overcoming serious health concerns.

Give Parents Another Reason to Choose Your Hospital

Soft play parks provide pediatric patients an outlet that can help them burn off excess energy, ultimately allowing them to rest easier.  And children with development disabilities can realize therapeutic benefits by interacting with our sound, touch and movement components. We offer touch boards, soft foam blocks and many other attractions that will stimulate a child’s senses.  With so many healthcare options, having a soft play park gives families that one extra reason to choose your hospital over another.

Create an Exclusive Design for Your Hospital

Imagine soft play structures with bright colors and whimsical designs that are created with families in mind. Soft play equipment along with padded safety carpeting can be designed in any theme imaginable, giving you the opportunity to instill a presence of wonderment and create a truly unique environment. When it comes to theme ideas, the sky is the limit because Center Stage Productions custom designs all soft play pieces one at a time, exclusively for each individual client.

To learn more about Center Stage Productions soft play parks, watch our video:

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