4 Reasons Aquariums Need to Have Soft Playspaces for Children


Nothing attracts families like a children’s soft play park!  As a leading designer and manufacturer of customized indoor and outdoor soft playspaces, we create one-of-a-kind, playspaces that no child can resist.

At your aquarium, we can design an under-the-sea experience that your guests will never forget.  Whatever your budget or available space may be, we’ll bring your vision to life with a family-friendly attraction that will strengthen your position in the marketplace and deliver instant fun, safely done!

Soft Play Parks are Perfect for a Wide Range of Ages

Young children enjoy seeing bright colored fish and other aquarium attractions, but after a while they may become restless.  A soft play park gives them a place to get the wiggles out. This is a safe and fun place where babies can crawl and explore colorful objects at eye level; toddlers can climb, crawl through, and slide; and pre-schoolers can jump around, climb, and slide.

An Aquatic Themed Park Will Foster Learning and Enthusiasm

A play park with aquatic themed pieces will help sustain interest, spark learning, and create a fun visit for the whole family. At your play park, children will recognize the fish and animals that they have seen, helping to reinforce what they have learned while visiting your aquarium’s exhibits. Built in games can also enhance learning while entertaining the children.  After a memorable experience in the soft play park, children will want to return as soon as possible – and their parents will be happy to take them!

Our Play Equipment is Exceptionally Safe and Built for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Our play pieces have high-quality, super soft foam surfaces that are smooth and protective. Play structures are secured atop soft, safe flooring, which exceeds ASTM’s standards for drop and fall ratings, ultimately protecting children and keeping them safe. Our play pieces are protected by UV resistant paints so colors don’t fade with sun exposure. They are also water and weather resistant, making them ideal for an outdoor play park.

Soft Play Parks can be Designed Exclusively for Your Aquarium

Imagine soft play structures designed to look like a dolphin, a seahorse, starfish or a local lighthouse.  Soft play equipment and padded safety carpeting can be designed in any theme imaginable, giving you the opportunity to instill a sense of wonderment and enhance the guest experience.  When it comes to themes, the sky’s the limit because Center Stage Productions custom designs all soft play pieces one at a time, exclusively for each client.4-reasons-aquariums-need-playspaces-post

Download your free copy of our eBook to discover more tips on how to draw families to your aquarium or other public destination with a soft play park.

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