5 Creative Graphic Solutions to Maximize Vacant Space


Expanding, remodeling, constructing new retail stores or building a new event area? Have you considered using graphics to maximize your empty space during the transition? Graphics are a highly effective tool to increase brand exposure, generate income and grab the attention of your target audience.

Let’s look at 5 ways you can turn unused or vacant space into something more:

#1 Barricade and Kiosk Graphics

Your barricade wall has been installed to conceal a tenant vacancy or new store construction, but why stop there? Every barricade installation is a marketing opportunity to proudly showcase a new store opening or branding campaign. Floor to ceiling graphic wraps or graphic bands transform these “blank slates” into branding powerhouses. Barricades and graphics are great for incoming kiosks too!   csp_billboard_twitter

#2 Income Generating Graphics

Use your existing architecture to expand your inventory of sponsorable assets.  There are creative applications to generate additional income from sponsors and provide valuable exposure to your partners.  Wrap your elevators, escalators and columns to maximize branding strategy.  Or, use banner, floor graphics, table clings, window decals and more to engage a specific audience for your sponsor.  Print graphics on a removable adhesive so you can replace them when a new campaign starts. deptfordmall-graphic-strategy

#3 Playspace Graphics

As a popular family friendly destination, your soft play park attracts sponsors.  Why not incorporate sponsor graphics on the exterior of the play area enclosure? This provides tremendous brand visibility for your marketing partner and income for your property.  Vibrant wall murals are another visual option. They can help establish your play area’s theme, set the energy level and bring the entire play environment to life.Playpark- Sponsorship - opps

#4 Outdoor Graphics

Have a large exterior building façade that is the perfect canvas to promote your brand or exciting development project? Do you need to conceal an outdoor construction area until the big reveal? Is your boring, blank construction fence begging to be something more? Mesh banners are the best signage solution to transform these spaces into high-visibility branding and advertising opportunities! Wind isn’t a problem because we print graphics on a perforated coated polyester material. This reduces strain and increases the life of the banner. Let visitors know exactly what is “coming soon” and begin to build up the hype with outdoor graphics.OUTDOOR GRAPHICS Collage

#5 Event Space Graphics

Custom graphics make it easy to instantly convert an empty space into an action-packed event space! Just ask Tom Kovacic, Marketing Manager for South Street Seaport in NYC.  He says, “The graphic treatments on our property have transformed areas into a vibrant, welcoming environment for the public.”  From large-scale banners near staging areas to way-finding signs and much more, graphic signage can achieve the look you want and fulfill your vision of the perfect event space. event-space-signage-graphics

There are plenty of creative ways to use a vacant space to your advantage, and hopefully, one of our ideas has sparked your interest.  Now it’s time to take action!

For more ideas, click here to access our e-book.

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