7 Ways Graphics Enrich the Shopping Experience


Graphics are a highly effective tool to grab the attention of your target audience, increase brand exposure and serve as an information medium. Savvy retailers know that building a brand experience generates excitement and increases brand loyalty. Meaningful, consistent graphics help create brand awareness and define the company’s brand image and identity.

Here are 7 ways that effective graphics enhance the customer’s shopping experience:


“Coming Soon” Barricade Graphics

Big news deserves a big splash.  Using larger-than-life graphics to broadcast the news that a new store or kiosk is opening soon, undoubtedly builds shopper excitement. The blank slate of a barricade wall, one that conceals a vacant space or construction site, is transformed into a branding powerhouse with eye-catching catching graphics that grab the attention of consumers passing by. These large format graphics smoothly wrap rounded corners, with crisp sharp detail that boosts the integrity of your design and ultimately your company’s brand identity. Kiko-Rockaway-for-web

Outdoor Banners and Graphics

Create excitement upon arrival.  Outdoor graphics showcase what’s in store and signal to shoppers immediately upon their arrival that new and exciting retail experiences are in their future. Large exterior facades and blank construction fences are perfect opportunities to promote your brand or advertise upcoming store openings. Mesh banners are a great solution for transforming boring, bare exteriors into exciting and high visibility marketing opportunities.  Our expert team carefully selects that best materials to match the needs of your project and environment, ensuring top-notch durability and longevity. graphics-outside Collage

Image Building Murals

Image building murals help shopping centers convert blank wall spaces within common areas into attractive works of art and branding opportunities. Graphics become a tool used to properly represent and define the mall’s brand in a way that resonates with their target market.  Dead space is eliminated and replaced with brand-boosting images that give your shopping center personality, and can foster the emotions you want people to experience while enjoying a day of shopping at your center. Westfield Twitter Collage1LOGO

Shareable Moment Displays

Creating shareable moments for shoppers is a guaranteed way to extend your mall’s reach to the within the vast online community.Using graphics as the platform for a unique photo op provides entertainment and allows shoppers to share their own story about their day at the mall. Taking it a step further, social media contests tied to the photo op displays encourages shares and builds a loyal following. For example, the Mall-o-Ween Adventure we created for General Growth Properties features seven custom designed self-standing photo standees with graphic overlays; each with their own Halloween personality and multiple cutouts for photo stand-ins. With a haunted house as the centerpiece, feature standees include a pleasant pumpkin patch, a group of ghastly ghosts, a batch of black bats, frightful trick-or-treaters, freaky Frankenstein and finally, Grimm Reapers for the most daring guests. halloween-display-for-malls

Event Graphics

Graphics can turn an empty space into a welcoming, action-packed event venue.  For example, at South Street Seaport in NYC, our team started with an epic 4th of July pier party, designing and creating custom designed square flag banners, large format graphics, way-finding signs and themed promotional signage for all six main entrances. Then, we created similar graphics for the rest of the summer, as the space hosted up to 4 different events per day. We even printed and installed a large-scale movie screening schedule on both sides of the staging area.  south-street-seaport-event-space

Information Graphics

Graphics are a great way to inform guests of how your property is becoming a more dynamic destination for all to explore.  For example, New York City’s historic Seaport, which is undergoing a major revitalization, used graphics to showcase their “See Change” campaign, which promotes how the neighborhood is transforming into a vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment destination.  Additionally, the Seaport used graphics to showcase how they are continuing historic traditions while building the future with a historical timeline that takes visitors through the Seaport’s rich history while depicting plans for the area. Doing double duty, these graphics not only informed guests of past, present and future points of interest, but also beautified the behind the scenes construction.  South-Street-Seaport-Graphics-Collage-Blog

Pole Mounted Banners

Pole mounted banners may be attached to light poles, exterior metal poles or interior columns. They’re easy to set up and are suitable for a variety of locations, both indoors and outdoors. Pole mounted banners are excellent for sharing information about upcoming promotional events and happenings. They can also welcome visitors to your shopping center and give added brand exposure to retailers. light pole banners-2

Retail graphics not only look fabulous, they convey a message about your brand to your visitors. Contact us to learn more about how Center Stage Productions can help your venue capitalize on enhanced brand awareness.



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