A Custom Play Park Rich in History

Pierre Bossier Mall Playground

Our design team recently developed a custom play area for Pierre Bossier Mall in Bossier City, Louisiana. The goal of the Center Stage Productions design was to capture the history that runs deep in the soul of this Southern setting. This new soft surface play park provides an opportunity for children to develop their motor, perceptual, and social skills in a fun, yet meaningful environment.

All elements contained in the play space are based on historically significant events in Bossier City. The park’s tallest feature is an oil derrick, which was included in recognition of Bossier City’s major role in the nationwide oil boom in the early 1900’s. We designed the oil derrick with the center’s littlest shoppers in mind and included both a crawl-through and a slide.


Another highlight of the soft play park is the paddlewheel riverboat. We included this element as a nod to the famous steamboats that traversed the Red River more than a century ago. The paddlewheel doubles as a crawl-through and the deck of the boat is a slide.


The Barksdale Air Force Base, located minutes from the mall, is honored through the inclusion of a soft surface B52 Bomber airplane. Children enjoy climbing the wings of this locally significant plane.


The elements of this park were designed with both history and safety in mind. All Center Stage Productions play pieces are antimicrobial with high quality, squishy soft foam surfaces. They are also just the right scale for children and feature grab points where playing children would expect to find them. This park, like all Center Stage Productions indoor play parks, is accompanied by custom themed, padded safety carpeting. Our flooring absorbs impact and exceeds ASTM’s standards for drop and fall ratings, ultimately protecting children and keeping them safe.

We enjoyed creating these iconic play structures and made sure they were both safe and fun! If your play park were going to portray a historic theme, what would you include? Tweet to us @cspdisplay and let us know.

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