Ambience and Artistry Intersect with Architecture at Westfield Garden State Plaza

20181113_221206 (1)

Center Stage Productions Reimagines the Annual Santa Visit to Create a Breathtaking and Magical Center-Wide Experience.

From the moment the doors open to enter Westfield Garden State Plaza this 2018 holiday shopping season, shoppers immediately know that something spectacularly different is happening.

That’s because the popular Paramus, N.J. shopping destination is:

  • Proudly decked in over 727,000 LED lights which illuminate both its interior and exterior.
  • Elegantly shining in more than one million glistening crystals 1,016,765 to be exact.
  • Festively wrapped in more than 5.6 miles of garland making up the mall’s grand collection of holiday wreaths and bulkhead décor treatments.

DSC_5119 copy And, that’s just the beginning.

This year, Center Stage Productions, the industry-leading custom designer, manufacturer and installer of holiday decor for shopping centers certainly left no corner of the mall untouched closely collaborating with Westfield to both interpret and enhance the property’s overall holiday décor program on the joyful journey to visit Santa’s conservatory.

In fact, through the use of brilliant lighting, a cohesive and sophisticated color palette and interactive elements, too, Center Stage Productions successfully worked to reimagine the annual stroll to Santa’s 2018 home, showcasing all holiday décor elements presented throughout the property in a well-designed and beautifully-executed presentation. The result: a breathtaking, state-of-the-art display that not only elevated the traditional use of holiday décor at the mall, but strategically created a true and comprehensive center-wide experience for its thousands of holiday shoppers, door to door.

The Road to See Santa:

DSC_4528 copy

Once arriving to take the stone pathway to Santa’s conservatory not only do guests meander through a field of 50 pine, fir and white birch trees, each illuminated and decorated in an elegant white and gold palette, but they also encounter 30 lanterns (ranging from 46 to 75 inches tall) curated in three distinctive, festive themes.

While sneaking a peek inside the lanterns visitors take in:

  • Memorable moments from classic holiday movies.
  • Favorite holiday happenings that generate fond memories including baking cookies, decorating the tree, writing letters to Santa and wrapping presents.
  • Whimsical winter scenes which showcase frosted and snowy environments, offer a nod to the North Pole and more.

Next, a trio of regions defines the stone pathway itself. Zone 1 features custom carpeting specially designed for making snow angels. Zone 2 is a custom carpet created for a holiday hopscotch game. And, Zone 3 offers a special Instagrammable moment backdrop adding even more surprise and excitement to the entire experience.

DSC_4520 copy

Once reaching Santa’s conservatory, visitors find an unforgettable setting inspired by New York City’s famed 5th Avenue store windows. While exterior windows depict momentous scenes from timeless holiday movies, Santa’s interior study serves as the perfect sanctuary to whisper special holiday wishes.

DSC_4506 copy

And, it goes without saying, on the opposite side sits a majestic 25′ tree exquisitely decorated with crystals, white and gold ornamentation and twinkling lights, too.

DSC_4624 copy

Certainly a memorable ending to a magical, successfully reimagined visit to Santa’s conservatory at Westfield Garden State Plaza.

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