Center Stage Productions has developed a patented modular barricade system that redefines how good a tenant vacancy can look. Years ahead of traditional drywall barricades, our innovative barricade system provides a quick, durable and clean alternative for malls, shopping centers, lifestyle centers, airports, construction firms, retailers, restaurants, hotels and more. Our barricade system is environmentally sound and has achieved the highest possible fire rating.


No spackle, no paint, no mess

Our modular barricade panels connect seamlessly, and don’t require the spackling or sand joints that create clouds of dust. The panels come in a neutral color so no painting is required. Custom graphics are easily applied to the surface, creating a truly dramatic barricade.

Quick Installation

Our quick locking system is ingenious in its simplicity. No specialized tools are required to construct complex barricade designs. A two-person team can assemble over 300 linear feet of construction barricades in one evening.

Virtually Indestructible

Constructed from durable modern materials, featuring a hard-wearing surface with a subtle flexibility, our barricades can withstand impact that would damage traditional sheetrock walls.


Neutral Color & Easy to Clean

Scuffs and bumps are an inevitable part of construction barricades. Our scuff-resistant, textured surface provides superior protection. Minor scuffs and scrapes simply blend in to the neutrally colored material and are easily washed away with soap and water.

Dust Resistant Seams

Our barricade panels have an integrated seal that creates an impenetrable dust barrier and reduces construction noise.


Rolled Corners

Unlike traditional sheetrock and wood frame structures, our modern materials can be formed around corners as tight as a 17 inch radius. This provides for smooth, seamless graphic transitions as barricade walls change direction at corners and intersections.

Unlimited Height

Superior strength, light-weight materials, and a quick locking system, allows our barricade structures to be stacked to virtually any height.

Double Doors

We offer a selection of entrance options including perfectly flush double doors, and fully hinged panels, which allow large contractor items in and out of the work site easily. This unique option is possible because of the tremendous strength of our materials and is rarely offered in the industry. Single and barn storage doors are also available.

Patent Pending Technology

Virtually all aspects of our revolutionary barricades are protected by patents or are under patent review.



Our in-house graphic design department prints and installs durable vinyl graphics that wrap the barricade from floor to ceiling, and around corners, for a seamless image with impact. We can customize and produce any image, graphic or copy to fit any size barricade, in time to meet seemingly impossible deadlines.

Recessed Displays

We offer a variety of recessed light boxes and display case designs for our construction barricades that can display merchandise or backlit media.

Wall Shops


Our “Wall Shops” transform barricade walls into mini stores. These self-contained modular units can replace any panel from a barricade wall system and convert it into a retail opportunity. All “Wall Shop” units come complete with deep interior space, a slat wall panel and store fixtures for merchandise display, drawers, a cabinet, lighting and a full height roll up door with locks. “Wall Shop” units and can be added or removed at any time.

Fire Rated

All materials used in our barricade installations meet or exceed all international building and fire codes including ASTM-E84 for flame spread and smoke development.

Environmentally Sound


Our next generation barricades are environmentally friendly. Our barricades are constructed from materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Even after their useful life, the aluminum framing in our barricades can be fully recycled and the textured surface material can be recycled into new products.