Best Practices for Removal and Storage of Commercial Holiday Decor


The holiday season is nearly behind us. It has been another season filled with classic traditions, precious memories and magnificent décor. Now that it’s time to remove the holiday decorations, commercial property management must ensure that their décor is removed safely and stored securely so that it looks just as spectacular for years to come.

It’s not as simple as boxing up the ornaments and moving them to the basement. Commercial decorations are a significant investment and require special equipment and skills for safe removal. Décor removal specialists have the resources and expertise to safely remove holiday décor and to ensure proper storage. They should be engaged to remove your commercial decorations and to prepare them for storage after every holiday

Here are some important steps that will help ensure the successful removal and safe storage of your décor:

During Removal:

  • Mark and label original hang points, while keeping a detailed inventory of all décor elements, to make next year’s installation quicker and less complicated.
  • Follow all safety standards set forth by OSHA.
  • Use high quality tires on dollies and lifts to protect floors.
  • Remove decor during off hours to limit disruption to shoppers.

For Storage:

  • Cover décor with foam wrap, then shrink wrap, to protect it during transit and storage.
  • Use water-tight crates to protect interior décor.
  • Use storage organizers custom created for your décor to maximize protection of decor elements and to optimize your storage space.
  • Wind each strand of holiday lights around a chord organizer so that chords are wrapped vertically for convenient storage and less bulk.


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