Join Us at ICSC’s RECON!

It’s been a wonderful year for Center Stage Productions are we are excited to meet with you at ICSC’s RECON to share some of the noteworthy projects we’ve completed in the last year. For example, here’s a video of our Westfield Garden State Plaza Holiday Decor project: Are you going to be at RECON? We would love… Read More

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Big Santa Takes “Center Stage” at Westfield Garden State Plaza

Center Stage Productions Brings Famed, 42-Foot Community Icon Back to Life. Following a long, three-decade hiatus, Big Santa is once again proudly waving, welcoming thousands of holiday shoppers to Westfield Garden State Plaza. The beloved holiday season icon, missed by its community since the 1980’s, has proudly returned to the Paramus, N.J. shopping destination’s parking… Read More

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Ambience and Artistry Intersect with Architecture at Westfield Garden State Plaza

Center Stage Productions Reimagines the Annual Santa Visit to Create a Breathtaking and Magical Center-Wide Experience. From the moment the doors open to enter Westfield Garden State Plaza this 2018 holiday shopping season, shoppers immediately know that something spectacularly different is happening. That’s because the popular Paramus, N.J. shopping destination is: Proudly decked in over… Read More

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How Does Color Inspire Play Area Design?

Autumn is upon us. A time when nature puts on a magnificent show of color as hunter green leaves transform into fiery red, brilliant yellow and warm orange. This season of vibrant hues has us reflecting upon what inspires the bright color choices we love to incorporate into the children’s play environments we create here at… Read More

Top 5 barricade questions

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Barricade Wall or Hoarding Provider

So you have a new retail store or restaurant about to go under construction and you need a temporary wall enclosure or hoarding to not only contain the behind the scenes construction but also generate excitement for the big grand opening. How do you know which service provider is best equipped to help you through… Read More


How to Select the Perfect Commercial Holiday Decorations for Your Shopping Center

Summer is the time of year shopping centers need to finalize their plans for seasonal holiday décor. It is essential to create a unique visual experience for your guests during the holidays that they cannot find elsewhere. Jaw dropping displays will have shoppers snapping pictures to share with friends and family on social media, widening your reach… Read More


7 Ways Graphics Enrich the Shopping Experience

Graphics are a highly effective tool to grab the attention of your target audience, increase brand exposure and serve as an information medium. Savvy retailers know that building a brand experience generates excitement and increases brand loyalty. Meaningful, consistent graphics help create brand awareness and define the company’s brand image and identity. Here are 7… Read More


Soft Playground Essentials – How to Create a Destination Playground

Your organization has decided to add a children’s play amenity to its property. That is great news! Have you thought about how to make it a must visit destination for families? As a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative play spaces, we highly recommend the following 9 key design elements. These features will help ensure… Read More


Meet the New Generation of Custom Production

We are stepping into the future by streamlining our manufacturing processes. The upgrade results in faster production, increased product range, improved product quality and economic use of materials. How are we doing it? Well, we’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our team at Center Stage Productions, our Industrial Robot! We’re staying ahead… Read More


How to Win the Season with Commercial Halloween Décor

Malls and shopping centers should come to life for Halloween.  It’s imperative to create the right atmosphere for shoppers seeking a new costume, home decorations, props and candy.  Additionally, many shopping centers host trick-or-treat nights for families.  With shoppers of all ages in the spirit of Halloween, spooky decorations will make your mall a destination… Read More


Thinking About Adding a Soft Playground at your Zoo? 5 Reasons Why It’s Worth It

Zoos around the country profoundly influence the lives of children by introducing them to the wonders of nature. By sharing their passion for conservation and preservation of wildlife, zoos help children connect with the environment and enhance their understanding and love of animals. In addition, parents appreciate the interactive exhibits, tours and educational programs that… Read More


How Barricades Help Airports During Time of Transition

Barricades are temporary walls used to conceal behind the scenes construction work, preventing disruption to business. Airports have so much hustle and bustle 24/7 that sometimes construction can get in the way. Transitions between old and new stores must be done as quickly as possible to avoid disruption to the flow of the airport. Once an airport decides it’s… Read More


Transform Your Location into a Child-Friendly Destination with Soft Playgrounds

Soft play parks are versatile and a great addition to many commercial, cultural, entertainment and lifestyle centers, as well as faith based organizations. Custom-themed soft play parks, designed specifically for your organization, transform your location into an impressive destination for families. Parents want the best for their children and at Center Stage Productions, we want… Read More


Conceal, Then Reveal. Barricades Defined.

Drumroll, please! Nothing builds anticipation for new store grand openings better than larger-than-life barricade walls with bold graphics. Not only do these enclosures generate excitement, they also conceal construction work before the big reveal. Often found in shopping centers, lifestyle centers, malls and airports, these giant walls are visually engaging through the use of large-scale… Read More


How to Attract Shoppers with Commercial Décor Beyond Christmas Time

Move over Christmas, commercial holiday décor is expanding! Many shopping centers are moving beyond the traditional Santa sets when it comes to holiday décor. Malls have realized they can attract more visitors throughout the year by decorating for other seasons. In recent years, we’ve created unique seasonal décor for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter,… Read More


Are Photos of your Commercial Easter Décor being shared on Social Media?

Take a peek on social media and you’ll see that the Easter Bunny is in town! Shoppers and retailers have been longing for warmer weather and Easter is the perfect time to celebrate. According to the National Retail Federation’s Easter Spending Survey the average person celebrating Easter will spend $140.62, which includes purchases of apparel,… Read More


Why You Should Consider Adding a Soft Play Park in Your Children’s Museum

Parents bring their children to children’s museums to explore science, art, culture and literacy. Museums teach children problem solving, observation, communication and creative thinking. Soft play parks enhance those skills. They also help children develop their gross and fine motor skills. Play parks provide an added value for families and can entice them into museum… Read More