Discover the Benefits of using LED Lighting in your Commercial Holiday Decor

When you think of commercial holiday décor what comes to mind? Maybe it’s large brightly lit Christmas trees, fabulous light shows or magical holiday displays. The consistent theme with all three is the lighting. LED lights can shine for up to 70,000 hours and with such longevity, their colors never fade over time. LED lights… Read More


Top 10 Tips to Plan Your Mall’s Holiday Décor

Christmas Countdown: What You Should Be Thinking About Now With less than 6 months until Christmas, it’s time to start planning your shopping center’s decor program for the upcoming holiday season.  Whether you need a brand new custom designed holiday decor program or want to update your existing one with a fresh new twist, you’ll need to determine how… Read More


Get the Most Out of Planning Early with These 4 Christmas Mall Decor Tips

Now is the time for shopping centers to start planning their décor program for the upcoming holiday season. The key to driving in-store traffic is to provide an unforgettable visual experience that guests can’t get anywhere else. When people are “wow-ed”, the first thing they do is turn to their smartphones and snap a picture…. Read More

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Client Spotlight: Vista Ridge Mall’s Custom Themed Soft Play Park

The new indoor soft play area at the Vista Ridge Mall was custom designed with inspiration from popular local icons, capturing the community spirit of Lewisville, TX.  This Center Stage Productions custom playground is quickly becoming an impressive attraction and destination for families. The regionally themed play area features seven fun-filled play structures secured atop… Read More


Top Trends for Commercial Holiday Décor in 2014

Have you ever wondered what inspires popular themes/trends in commercial holiday décor? Thematic inspiration for commercial holiday décor comes from high-fashion store windows, popular culture, technology, international influences and award winning movies. Once a trend comes to life, it progresses and it often becomes a part of the décor people want to see in their… Read More


5 Reasons Fitness Centers Need a Custom Soft Playground

Imagine this parent’s dilemma: they’ve finally built up the motivation to go to the gym, but no one is available to watch their child. What can they do? Call the babysitter, drop their child off at daycare, or become frustrated and cancel their workout. However, if their fitness center has a soft playground then they… Read More

Easter Bunny Popping Up On Social Media platforms

Hippity Hoppity Easter is on its Way and it’s all over Social Media

Shopping centers and retailers are ready for Easter. According to NRF’s Easter Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, the average American celebrating the holiday will spend an average of $137.46 on apparel, food, candy, gifts and more.  For many families, this includes a trip to the local shopping center to take photos with… Read More

Eco Friendly Barricades Center Stage

Building a Greener Future with Eco-Friendly Barricades

As Earth Day approaches, we’re reminded to actively seek out ways in which we can be kind to Mother Earth. Using environmentally sound barricades is one of the simplest ways that shopping centers and retailers can help create a more sustainable future. Green building is simply smart building. Green building practices, such as using eco-friendly barricades… Read More


Top 3 Sponsorship Integration Ideas for Soft Play Areas

You’re challenged with finding a sponsor for your soft play area and need to show your potential sponsor the immense value they’ll receive once they become a featured attraction at your venue.  A soft play area is a valuable amenity with the power to deliver the highly sought after family demographic to your sponsor. With… Read More


Top 3 Reasons Child Care Centers Should Invest in Soft Playgrounds

Parents consider many factors when choosing a day care center for their children. Superior child care and a stimulating cirriculum are essential, but so is the right atmosphere to foster healthy social, physical and cognitive development. The ideal child care center should create a warm and welcoming environment for children and their families. A soft… Read More

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How to Use Omni-Channel Retailing to Generate More Sales

The landscape of retail shopping is changing faster than ever before. Not only are customers shopping online from the comfort of their homes; now, many consumers use their smart phones to make purchases while shopping in stores.   How can retailers keep their customers coming back – whether that means online, in store, or both? … Read More


3 Reasons Why Children’s Hospitals Should Have Soft Play Parks

Parents want the best for their children, especially when they are sick or injured and need hospital care.  The search for the best children’s hospital goes beyond seeking out first-rate medical care. The right atmosphere and environment surrounding children can make all the difference.  Making kids and their families feel welcomed and comfortable is part… Read More


How Custom Themed Play Parks Give Families A Meaningful Experience

Getting the “right fit” matters when choosing a theme for a children’s play park in a shopping center, amusement park or other public space.  By capturing the essence of the venue’s ambiance, or by symbolizing community icons, a custom themed play park will become an impressive attraction and destination for families.   Themes can be… Read More


Best Practices for Removal and Storage of Commercial Holiday Decor

The holiday season is nearly behind us. It has been another season filled with classic traditions, precious memories and magnificent décor. Now that it’s time to remove the holiday decorations, commercial property management must ensure that their décor is removed safely and stored securely so that it looks just as spectacular for years to come…. Read More

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How to take charge of your Holiday Shopping: Webroom

It’s that time of year again. As the holiday shopping season winds down, many shoppers will scramble to find the perfect gift for friends and family. Waiting until the last minute to buy presents has become an unofficial holiday tradition for many. Online shopping and guarantees to “deliver before Christmas” seem to have enabled procrastinators… Read More