Brighten the Holiday Season with LED Lighting


Magnificent light displays are a trademark of the holiday season.  Homes, shopping malls and downtown city streets are transformed with sparkling lights every December.  While this holiday tradition has changed very little over the years, the type of light bulbs used in holiday displays is evolving.  Thanks to superior luminosity and many additional benefits, LED lights are replacing incandescent bulbs.


christmastreeLED lights are a safer, more durable alternative to traditional incandescent light bulbs.  LED lights have extraordinary longevity and can shine for 70,000 hours, the equivalent of 70 holiday seasons!  Even with such a long lifespan, the color of LED bulbs won’t fade over time.  And unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights do not produce heat.  This means they will not burn your fingers or waste energy.  Additionally, while they have a higher purchase price than incandescent bulbs, LED’s use significantly less power than their counterparts.  In studies, LED lighting has reduced power consumption by a massive 90% percent, which means they return significant savings in reduced energy expenses.


Center Stage Productions custom creates spectacular displays featuring brilliant luminosity. High luminosity means our LED lights will shine brightly where traditional bulbs would appear dim.  Additionally, LED lighting by Center Stage Productions has a laser/spotlight free effect, making gazing at illuminated displays easier on the eye.


Screenshot 2013-12-03 11.33.33LED lights are changing the way we illuminate the holidays.  With LED’s, you’ll replace bulbs less often, save on energy costs and have a safer holiday display.  Create an unforgettable display this holiday season with LED lights!

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