Brighten Up the Gray Days of Winter with Valentine’s Day Décor


The holiday season has passed and retail centers have stored away their magnificent decorations. Does your shopping center feel a little empty and bland without its bright seasonal décor? At Center Stage Productions, we think Valentine’s Day is another great occasion to celebrate. Commercial décor for Valentine’s Day is a way to brighten up your space while attracting visitors to the festive ambiance.

The folks from the Paramus Park shopping center’s management team, owned by General Growth Properties, seem to agree with us. They asked us to design and manufacture Valentine’s Day décor for their shopping center, so we chose a stunning “LOVE” theme. This festive display includes eight-foot tall foam letters spelling out the word, “LOVE”.  A giant red floating heart hangs above the letters. The bold crimson letters appear to be floating in the fountain, which is prominently located in the center of the mall. They are, however, safely secured on acrylic stands.
Love family-8

Each of the giant “LOVE” letters and the large red heart shape were cut out from foam and then hard coated with rosin, using state of the art machinery.


These pieces were then hand finished with red metallic floral sheeting, reminiscent of rose petals.Valentines-day-heart-for-mall

To add to the fun, Paramus Park launched a “Show us the LOVE” sweepstakes centered around their Valentine’s Day décor. Contests like this are a great, almost instant way to engage your visitors and boost your social media engagement. You can create a unique #hashtag for visitors to use for photo sharing on social sites such as Instagram or Twitter. Your mall can post signs next to the Valentine’s Day display asking social media users to share their photo with that unique hashtag. These photos can be automatically entered into a giveaway for a mall gift card or other prize of your choosing. Social media contests are a free way to monetize your décor, spread your reach and build on customer excitement.

How does your shopping center or commercial property engage customers for Valentine’s Day? For more lovely ideas, please contact us any time.

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