Case Study: How Barricades and Graphics Beautified The Mall at Bay Plaza Just in Time for Grand Opening Day

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The Mall at Bay Plaza, New York City’s largest and first enclosed fashion mall in over 40 years, officially opened to the public on August 14, 2014. This shopping center quickly became the Bronx’s most spectacular fashion destination. The brand new 780,000-square-foot mall, infused with a healthy investment of $300 million by owners, Prestige Properties, had been in the works for two years. Getting the shopping center ready for the highly anticipated grand opening day was a massive undertaking and Center Stage Productions was proud to contribute to their success.


At the time of the grand opening, 71% of the rentable retail space had been leased.  In order to conceal and beautify the remaining 29% of storefronts, The Mall at Bay Plaza chose Center Stage Productions (CSP) to install their patented modular barricade wall system and seamless large-format graphics.  The wall panels were environmentally sound, quick to install and durable.  In addition, they were neutral in color and provided a uniform, consistent look. Even better, many of these “blank slates” were transformed into interior “billboards” decked in large-scale graphics. These graphics proudly showcased the mall’s new branding campaign and announced a handful of new stores that will be “opening soon”.


Barricades That Beautify

This project was both exciting and fast-paced! Within a tight deadline of only 14 days, CSP’s barricade production crew worked virtually around the clock to create and install 47 barricades with 35 sets of double doors equaling 33,600 square feet of wall panels! The panels were customized to achieve the correct fit and capped on top with hard dust covers to prevent migration of construction dust. This customization fully enclosed the vacant space and delivered a flawless presentation.

How did CSP ensure a smooth process?  CSP’s barricades team was onsite at the mall every day for nearly two weeks to ensure meticulous wall construction.. The team remained flexible with changing lease lines and contractor specifications and participated in daily construction meetings to stay informed on progress throughout the shopping center.  In addition, post-installation wall inspections were performed by CSP and any necessary adjustments were facilitated to guarantee perfection for grand opening day.

“Preparing The Mall at Bay Plaza for our grand opening was no small feat and Center Stage Productions’ barricades team was truly dedicated to providing an unsurpassed level of service while meeting tight deadlines and overcoming challenges to ensure our success,” complimented Maranda Ashkar, Marketing Director of The Mall at Bay Plaza.

Attention-Grabbing Graphics

The printed graphics were the icing on the cake!  CSP’s equally talented and responsive graphics team prepared, printed and installed more than 5,600 square feet of attention-grabbing, large format graphics. Done within a timeline of only 3 days from final artwork approval to installation, all work was completed with a lightening quick turnaround time!

CSP offered a variety of graphics solutions to help beautify the barricades while staying within budget boundaries. The Mall at Bay Plaza maximized their brand exposure with floor-to-ceiling, full wrap graphics on the most prominently located barricades. In other locations, eye-catching graphic bands were applied to the barricades. Tip: Graphic bands require less material, making them a budget-friendly solution.


CSP’s barricade graphics transformed bare barricade walls into branding powerhouses, not only for The Mall at Bay Plaza, but also for their tenants too.  Center Stage created the graphics for eight new stores opening soon including Motherhood Maternity, Cinnabon, and X Sports, to name a few.


“CSP’s creative graphics solutions ultimately maximized our new branding campaign’s exposure, generated excitement for new store openings and beautified our shopping center just as we had envisioned,” raved Ashkar.

Best of all, The Mall at Bay Plaza achieved its goal of creating a welcoming, dynamic shopping environment. And the local residents love it!  According to The Bronx Times, locals are gushing over The Mall at Bay Plaza.  Excited visitors took to social media to share hundreds to photos from inside the mall on opening day.

“We could not have done it without you, Center Stage!” – Maranda Ashkar, Marketing Director, The Mall at Bay Plaza.

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