Conceal, Then Reveal. Barricades Defined.


Drumroll, please! Nothing builds anticipation for new store grand openings better than larger-than-life barricade walls with bold graphics. Not only do these enclosures generate excitement, they also conceal construction work before the big reveal.

Often found in shopping centers, lifestyle centers, malls and airports, these giant walls are visually engaging through the use of large-scale graphics. Have you ever wondered what these temporary walls are actually called?  With so many potential names, they are most often referred to as barricades, hoardings, construction enclosures and modular wall systems.

Here’s a breakdown of each popular term to help you understand the subtle differences between wall options:


Temporary wall used to enclose a retail space while under construction to prevent construction noise and dust from migrating into the public space. Often large format graphics are installed directly on the barricades to proudly announce the new retailer opening soon.


An indoor or outdoor temporary fence-like structure erected around a building or demolition site.  It is also a large board used for displaying advertising posters.

Construction Enclosure

A structure used to conceal a retail space during a store or restaurant build out. The enclosure is often wrapped from floor to ceiling with graphics for a seamless image with impact.

Modular Wall System

A system of interlocking wall panels made from copolymer that can be configured into any length, width or height.  Panels often come 4’ wide and 12’, 14’ or 16’ high.  Soft, rounded corners are often used instead of hard corners, enhancing the appearance. Modular wall systems are customizable, durable, quick to install and mess-free. Graphics can be applied to the wall panels and then removed once the job is complete so that these same wall panels can be used to conceal additional new store build-outs or remodels.

There is a broad range of custom wall enclosures including copolymer, wood, metal and drywall systems, which can be customized to any storefront configuration.  Copolymer modular wall systems make an ideal choice for indoor applications, while wood is our top pick for outdoor applications.

Whether you call them barricades, hoardings, construction enclosures or modular wall systems, copolymer wall panels are the environmentally responsible choice. Unlike traditional drywall barricades, which go to the landfill after only one use, copolymer is reusable and re-buildable. In fact, copolymer wall panels are constructed from recycled materials and have a useful life of 20+ years. Copolymer wall panels and the aluminum framing are also 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Whatever option you choose for your commercial property can be transformed into a branding powerhouse with attention grabbing graphics.  It is ideal to work with a barricade provider that also has an in-house graphics studio, complete with designers, state-of-the-art printers and highly experienced installers, such as Center Stage Productions.  This way your walls and graphics are installed on the same night, putting your walls to work right away!


Want to build a greener future with temporary barricade wall enclosures that are environmentally sound, Class A/1 code compliant, impeccably installed and competitively priced? Download our eBook to learn more.

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