Creating a Dazzling Seasonal Display from Subtle to Spectacular


It is hard to believe more than half a year has passed and July is here already!  What does that mean for us? The Center Stage Productions seasonal décor team is working diligently to create novel, custom seasonal displays for the upcoming holiday season.

center stage productions christmas tree - seasonal decor

Customization goes a long way in any seasonal décor program.  Last year we created an expansive festival lighting program to decorate the nation’s capital.  Today we want to share a few highlights of the D.C. décor program to explain how it included both accents and focal points.

The custom holiday décor program we designed and installed in Washington was primarily located in two regions of the city: the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) and Washington Harbour.

The D.C. décor program included 145 ornamental trees, which used natural greenery and decorative gold metal to encircle lampposts along the streets of the BID.  These ornamental accent trees worked cooperatively to add little snippets of holiday spirit throughout the district.

Washington DC’s newest and largest outdoor ice rink, Washington Harbour Ice Rink was decorated with Center Stage Productions festival lighting.  The circumference of this 11,800-foot ice rink was surrounded by thousands of clear LED lights.  On such a large region, these lights were able to add subtle seasonal spirit.

commercial holiday decor - ice rink - center stage productions  - holiday lighting

Of course, these accent decorations were incorporated around focal holiday decorations.  The commercial holiday décor in the BID centered on a spectacular overhead display that included a 9-foot diameter starburst set with four 30-ft star streams spanning across an intersection.   This dramatic decoration was visible from blocks away and set the tone for holiday spirit in the busy city center.

center stage productions commercial holiday decor

In Washington Harbour, we continued using cool white LED lighting to set the focus on an overhead canopy.   Draped with snowflake arches and flaked by brightly lit trees, this remarkable display spanned nearly 400 feet along a quaint cobblestone pathway.  Visitors enjoyed meandering down this festive, enthralling pathway.

Commercial holiday decor - giant snowflakes - decorative archway - seasonal decoration - Center Stage Productions

Just as tomorrow’s firework shows will contain subtle introductions, followed by grand finales, our seasonal décor programs typically contain ornamental accents to accompany a spectacular focal point.

Which part of a holiday display do you prefer? The “subtle introductions” or the “grand finale?”

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