To maintain a creative and productive environment where contributions from every employee are encouraged and recognized; where everyone participates as an integral part of the entire company; and to provide opportunities to grow professionally while enjoying the benefits of success.


We recognize that hard work and dedication are the driving forces behind our success and provide a positive work environment built on respect and professionalism. Center Stage Productions has a long-standing reputation for innovation, unrivaled client service and irreproachable business ethics.

Having three different business divisions allows us to provide a multitude of opportunities for diversity in a day’s work. As a creative firm with endless design and build possibilities, a strong sense of accomplishment is inherent. We have a deep appreciation for the variety of backgrounds and characteristics that make individuals unique and welcome diversity. We invite you to build and advance your career with Center Stage Productions and help contribute to the future success of our company. For information on available job positions, please click below.


At Center Stage Productions, we all work together to achieve the common goal of product and service excellence. As an organization that thrives on collaboration, you’ll have many opportunities to partner with your colleagues and broaden your skill set. For further information about our specific teams and their responsibilities, please click on the available job positions below.

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