Encouraging Healthy Living in Soft Play Parks

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Most adults know that exercise and nutrition are foundations for healthy living, but do children know this? National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that only half of American adolescents are getting the recommended five or more days of physical activity each week and less than one child in three eats fruits or vegetables daily. These statistics suggest kids need to be healthier. Here at Center Stage Productions, we are happy to help encourage healthy living!


As the leading designer, manufacturer and installer of indoor and outdoor soft play parks, we understand exercise is essential to the growth and health of children. All of our custom play areas are safe, fun destinations that offer children an assortment of opportunities for exercise, including crawl-throughs, climb-ons, ride-ins, and slide-downs!  Through providing a variety of exercise equipment, Center Stage play parks facilitate childhood well-being through the development of stronger bones and muscles.


We were proud to design a “healthy living” themed play area for Vintage Faire Mall in Modesto, CA. This custom, locally significant indoor play area promotes physical fitness through diet and exercise.  Each element contained within the play area embodies the theme of “healthy living.”


soft play park healthy living

The play area’s centerpiece is a large peach tree with a double slide. The park also features a crawl-through fruit stand, and wine grape arbors in each corner of the surround.  Each of these pieces encourage children to eat fruits, while remaining locally significant, as fruits and grapes are among the region’s top commodities.


Vintage Faire Mall’s soft play park also features a Yosemite hiking trail and a Tuolumne River kayak.  These pieces encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle through exercise and simultaneously honor local attractions.  Modesto is a day-trip away from the renowned Yosemite National Park and is near the Tuolumne River where many kayaking adventures take place.


This play area has all the elements parents need to get their kids excited about living a healthy life.


What locally significant pieces would you include if you were creating a healthy living play park?

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