Exterior Holiday Lighting Sets the Stage for the Experience to Follow

Westfield - exteriordecor

With the inside of your venue decked with impressive holiday décor, how does the exterior compare? If your Santa set and other interior décor are ready to “wow” your guests, the outside of your center should evoke similar feelings. Creating a memorable experience must begin before the visitors walk through the door.


Adding brilliantly illuminated visuals to the exterior of your venue enhances the overall atmosphere and sets the mood for the experience to follow. Our goal at Center Stage is to help create a magical, festive atmosphere that puts your guests in the spirit of spending while giving them an experience they’ll always remember.


There are many options for exterior décor. From large-scale illuminated stars, snowflakes and holiday trees to pole mounted and cross street displays, Center Stage works with each shopping destination to decide the perfect motif, colors, and sizes for their specific outdoor space. Dramatic lighting decor is visible from blocks away and sets the tone for holiday spirit.

Blachere - Blue streetscape

The best part of using our exterior lighting? The LED lights used in your installation will return savings to you in reduced energy expenses unachievable with traditional lighting! You can now create a holiday atmosphere at an affordable cost.

If you could decorate the exterior of any venue in holiday décor, what would it look like?

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