Guaranteed Holiday Sparkle for the Exterior of Your Shopping Center


Have you thought about how exterior holiday décor and lighting can complement the outside of your shopping center? Plans to create a magical holiday environment inside your center may be underway, but how will the exterior of your property compare? These are two very important questions to ask as we head into the holiday season. With so many designs to choose from, we will work with you to find just the right motif, color, shape and scale for the exterior of your property.

The team of brilliant designers at Center Stage Productions can creatively adorn your existing signage and architecture with stunning displays of illumination. These festive attractions are guaranteed to draw attention from afar, outshining your competition.


Perhaps you prefer illuminated snowflakes of varying shapes and sizes, festive stars and towering trees trimmed in warm or cool white lights,. Or maybe your property calls for a single statement element such as a centerpiece tree created with dozens of beautifully arranged illuminated spheres. Whatever you décor direction you chose, you will want to work with a designer to create an illuminated display that enhances your architecture and existing exterior signage and complements the overall holiday décor motif used inside your mall.


There’s simply nothing more exciting than a giant present! As a great way to build anticipation for all the special gifts awaiting shoppers inside, “wrap” the outside of your shopping center in a large red bow made up of bright and shiny red LED lights. Your shoppers will be “wowed” even before they have entered your center. Tip: Intersperse star-flash lights within your red bow for a magical sparkle and twinkle effect. Vibrant exterior LED lighting can be seen from major roadways, attracting shoppers to your center and and lending that festive touch that gets shoppers in the holiday spirit.


Go big or go home with these larger than life sized decorations. Just think how many times this gigantic Santa will wind up on social media! Giving you even more reason to celebrate the season, the LED lights used in your installation will allow you to create an unforgettable display that returns savings to you in reduced energy expenses unachievable with traditional lighting!


If you’re looking to add elegance to your walkways, trimming your lampposts can help define your unique style. Rather than wrapping strands of b-lights around the post, work with your designer to create a small-scale version of your exterior lighting motif for your lampposts. Custom holiday-themed banners are another great décor treatment for your lampposts and a festive way to welcome your guests.  The possibilities are endless!


Whatever décor you choose, you can be assured that Center Stage Productions will help you plan an exciting theme designed specifically for your needs. Our LED lighting will bring your décor to life every night with an impressively bright and vibrant display that will deliver a memorable experience to your visitors for many holiday seasons to come.

Are you ready to impress this upcoming holiday season? For more ideas, please take a look at our eBook for inspiration.

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