How Barricades Help Airports During Time of Transition


Barricades are temporary walls used to conceal behind the scenes construction work, preventing disruption to business. Airports have so much hustle and bustle 24/7 that sometimes construction can get in the way. Transitions between old and new stores must be done as quickly as possible to avoid disruption to the flow of the airport. Once an airport decides it’s time for construction, there needs to be a plan in place to keep travel safe and smooth for passengers. Center Stage Productions’ modular barricades and wall enclosures prevent noise and dust from migrating into public spaces, while keeping the public safely out of the construction zone.

Our barricade solution

Our quick locking wall panel system is ingenious in its simplicity. No specialized tools are required to construct complex barricade configurations. A two-person team can assemble over 300 linear feet of construction barricades in one evening. Constructed from durable modern materials, featuring a hardwearing surface with a subtle flexibility, our barricades are virtually indestructible. They are also easy to clean; most scuffs and marks can be removed with soap and water.  Unlike traditional sheetrock and wood frame structures, our modern materials can be formed around corners as tight as a 17 inch radius.

Barricades and graphics in action at airports

In April 2015, our team installed a 400-foot linear barricade and graphic at Newark Liberty International Airport in a single evening. This graphic showcases renderings of OTG’s new dining concept, which is set to elevate the airport experience to an unprecedented level.  With a vast array of culinary talent, beautiful designs by renowned architects, and OTG’s new payment innovation that allows passengers to pay for food and other purchases with United MileagePlus points through nearly 6,000 iPads, the United Experience by OTG will be an airport destination like any other. NEWARK AIRPORT BARRICADE INSTALLATION

In early May 2015, our team concluded the last of three common area kiosks barricades – over 1,200 linear feet, with graphics of over 7,200 square feet – for phase one of the OTG development project at Newark Liberty International Airport. As shown below, these graphics are for Wanderlust Burger Bar, which will feature some of Chef Josh Capon’s greatest burger hits as well as seasonally inspired varieties. wanderlust barricade-newark-airport-H

We also installed over 400 linear feet of wall enclosures in one evening at JFK International Airport. The variety of wall sizes did not daunt our team! With attention to every last detail, our team ensured the walls were clean and flawless before leaving the job site. JFK Collage TWITTER

On a smaller scale, we also designed the graphic and barricade for an incoming Starbuck’s kiosk in JFK International Airport.  starbucks-barricade-jfk-airport

Transform temporary walls into branding opportunities with graphics

Every barricade installation is an opportunity to market an incoming restaurant or store. Floor to ceiling graphic wraps or graphic bands transform these “blank slates” into branding powerhouses. Graphics generate excitement for the incoming retailer by giving travelers an idea of what to look forward to. The graphics can easily be removed when the project is complete, allowing the barricades to be reused in future projects. JFK-Airport-Barricade-Terminal-4-HCollage

The perfect solution during transitions at airports

Barricades are the answer to keep construction projects undisrupted and minimize traveler inconvenience. Expertly installed graphics grab visitors’ attention while the walls keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly. Whatever the size of your construction project, Center Stage Productions is able to install hundreds of feet of temporary walls and graphics in just one night.


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