How to Select the Perfect Commercial Holiday Decorations for Your Shopping Center


Summer is the time of year shopping centers need to finalize their plans for seasonal holiday décor. It is essential to create a unique visual experience for your guests during the holidays that they cannot find elsewhere. Jaw dropping displays will have shoppers snapping pictures to share with friends and family on social media, widening your reach and greatly increasing your exposure. New shoppers, influenced by the spectacle of your décor on social media, will be excited to visit your center for their holiday shopping. So what does the “perfect holiday décor” look like? Well, that depends on many factors including your existing architecture, vision, guest demographics and budget.

When selecting your seasonal holiday décor, here are ten key ideas to keep in mind:

Location, Location, Location.

It really is all about the real estate with holiday décor. What location will generate the most Santa photo income and can handle the increased foot traffic? Consider the best places for your large-scale décor, such as your Santa Set, as well as smaller accent pieces. west-acres-santa-set

Don’t Neglect the Exterior.

Fabulous decorations on the outside of your shopping center set the mood for shoppers before they even set foot on your property. Holiday sparkle that can be seen from a distance entices guests who are in the holiday spirit and are ready to start on their shopping lists. WestfieldOutdoorDecor

What Type of Décor to Incorporate?

LED lights add sparkle and twinkle to décor. A holiday light show is an amazing focal point and interactive décor is a crowd-pleasing touch. Smaller décor throughout the mall could be beautifully decorated wreaths and garland that hang overhead, small slim-line trees that line the walk along the common area, and dreidels and menorahs for Hanukkah. Holidaydecorincasinos

Are your Shoppers Tech Savvy?

Shoppers who look for the best in tech will love interactive holiday décor.  They can virtually experience falling snow, snap a photo to become an ornament for an interactive Selfie Tree or Paint with Light to control and create illuminations of their very own. mall-decor

What Style of Décor Best Suits Your Space?

Is your venue modern and sleek, traditional and classic, elegant and luxe, or is it unique and fun? All of these motifs can be created with our talented designers and artisans. They will help you create fantastic décor that you will want to use for years to come. Mall_decor_tips_2014

Key Design and Architectural Elements.

Amazing architecture calls for amazing décor to highlight it. Vibrant LED lights and sparkly ornaments highlight soaring entryways.  On the other hand, you may wish to strategically place décor to mask certain aspects of your space, such as temporary construction.Bridgewater-banner

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute.

Planning your décor and placing your orders early saves you time and money. Last minute orders create added costs due to rush shipping of the design elements.

Know Your Budget.

It’s important to know your budget and have a design team that can provide quality work within your guidelines. You also want décor that is well-made so it will look incredible for years to come.

Incorporate Sponsors.

Sponsors generate added revenue and offset costs of seasonal décor. Our team of designers will customize decor elements that will boost your sponsor’s brand, giving them valuable exposure directly in front of their target audience.

Who Will Install and Remove the Décor?

Does the company creating your holiday décor offer installation and removal? If your decorations are handled and stored professionally, they will look beautiful year after year. Mall_decor_tips_removal_2014

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve the perfect commercial seasonal décor for your shopping center!

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