How to Win the Season with Commercial Halloween Décor


Malls and shopping centers should come to life for Halloween.  It’s imperative to create the right atmosphere for shoppers seeking a new costume, home decorations, props and candy.  Additionally, many shopping centers host trick-or-treat nights for families.  With shoppers of all ages in the spirit of Halloween, spooky decorations will make your mall a destination for families.  Well-designed décor increases visitation, attracts sponsors and lets you engage with fans and followers – both in person and online! Center Stage Productions, a leading manufacturer of custom designed commercial holiday décor, can create imaginative décor that will deliver a fun, unique experience to your visitors.

Here are some tips to help you attract more visitors to your shopping center for Halloween.

Plan in Advance

A generous lead time allows you to take advantage of better pricing. If you wait until the last minute, rush shipping charges will drive prices up and leave you feeling stressed. In addition, early planning also allows adequate time to properly advertise your attractions. halloween-decor

Integrate Décor with Social Media

Social media contests on sites such as Twitter and Instagram are a free way to advertise your décor, expand your reach, and build customer excitement. Last year, we created a “Mall-o-ween Adventure” for General Growth Properties.  Visitors were encouraged to share their photos on Instagram with the hashtag #malloweenadventure to enter a drawing for a mall gift card.

Update the Décor            

Tired décor does not inspire guests to stop for shared photo opportunities. Consider refurbishing your décor or having a Halloween set designed for your mall. Guests will be eager to share photos of themselves with bats, haunted houses and ghosts!halloween-set-for-malls-3

Place a Halloween Set in a High Traffic Area

Consider the best perspectives from where your décor will be seen. You want maximum exposure to create the biggest impact with your guests.

Ensure Efficient Flow of Traffic

Keep traffic moving with two points of entry, such as the rickety black picket fence we created for the “Mall-o-ween Adventure”. This enables visitors to take pictures at all available stations and keeps groups moving along through the attraction.

Attract Sponsors

An estimated $11.3 billion is spent annually on Halloween, and 90% of people do their shopping in brick-and-mortar retail stores. Retailers looking to attract those shoppers will be happy to sponsor the festive décor.

Protect Your Investment

It’s important to take care of your impressive décor in order to maximize its lifespan. We recommend covering decorations with foam wrap, then shrink wrap, and then placing them in water-tight crates.  If space is limited, we can create custom storage organizers to optimize your storage space.

Let us know how we can help you have a spooktacular Halloween this fall.



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