How Wall Shops can Transform Barricades Into Mini Stores


Every modular barricade installation is a marketing opportunity, but did you know barricades also have the ability to provide a source of revenue? Center Stage Productions develops “Wall Shop” units that fit neatly in barricade wall systems, transforming otherwise dormant retail locations into income generating shops.

Wall Shops can be utilized in shopping centers, lifestyle centers, airports and any other retail environment. They turn barricade walls into small mini stores, which can display numerous products from retailers. Because they are built into the barricade wall, these stores do not take up much space, which is a plus for many venues. Wall Shops are also great for existing kiosk tenants that need additional space near their locations.


There are a few options within wall shop units, depending on what type of products will be sold. You can integrate an interactive shop where a sales associate manages the shop or you can choose a freestanding vending machine unit.

All Wall Shop units come complete with deep interior space, a slat wall panel and store fixtures for merchandise display, drawers, a cabinet, lighting and a full height roll up door with locks. They are self-contained modular units that can replace any typical panel from a barricade wall system and convert it into a retail opportunity.

What’s even better about these shops? The wall shops are fabricated from reclaimed materials that would have otherwise occupied landfills. Even after their useful life, the walls themselves can be recycled and turned into materials for other industries.

Would you try utilizing a wall shop on your barricade? Why or why not?

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