Interactive Commercial Holiday Décor: Falling Snow


In 2012, Center Stage Productions modernized traditional commercial holiday décor through the introduction of high-tech snowflake displays. Our innovative seasonal décor uses gesture recognition technology to provide guests with the chance to experience the fun of fresh falling snow. You can see big smiles reflected on the faces of these young men as they catch digital snow.

As a leader of the seasonal décor industry for nearly 30 years, we are known for commercial holiday displays nationwide. The novel high-tech snowflake experience couples nicely with the rich tradition of the holiday season, while allowing us to remain at the cutting edge of commercial décor. In the picture below, you will see how the interactive unit is built into the back of the Santa set where the queue line forms, entertaining guests during their wait.


Our novel décor provides shoppers the ability to interact with the seasonal environment by standing in front of a simulated reflected one-way-mirror. Guests’ images instantly appear before a serene winter snow scene. Happy customers reflected images gather snow on their heads, shoulders, arms and hands during the augmented show shower. Once the snowflakes have gathered, guests can drop them, watch them gently fall and do it all over again.


With the use of body tracking sensors and real-time motion capture systems, similar to the ones used for experiential video games, visitors’ images are manipulated within a series of winter backgrounds. It can be great fun for anyone who has yet to experience the magnificence of snowflakes falling gently around them, or for those who just love snow.

By introducing this fun and engaging technology, Center Stage Productions remains at the forefront of the commercial holiday décor industry.

Do you think your guests will enjoy the experience of this technology?

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