Center Stage Productions Embraces the Principles of Earth Day with Green Business Practices


On Earth Day and every day, work goes on at Center Stage Productions to reduce America’s landfills with its reusable modular barricade system, to minimize energy consumption with its energy efficient holiday lighting displays and to cut down on waste within its soft play parks division.

(Fair Lawn, NJ) April 22, 2013 – The principles of Earth Day have inspired Center Stage Productions to take action to support environmental sustainability today and every day. A leading provider of modular barricades, seasonal décor and soft play parks for the shopping center industry, Center Stage Productions has embraced environmentally sound business practices in all three of its business divisions.

Modular barricade wall systems keep store vacancies in shopping centers looking attractive until new stores open for business. Center Stage Productions, a member of the US Green Building Council, constructs their modular barricades from recycled materials, making them good for their clients and good for the planet too.

Center Stage’s modular construction barricades start life as recycled materials. The wall panels themselves are fabricated from reclaimed materials that would have otherwise occupied landfills. These panels have a useful life of more than 20 years, compared to traditional drywall barricades that only last the life of the job before going in a garbage dump. Furthermore, Center Stage’s wall panels can be recycled again after they have fulfilled their useful purpose and can be made into materials for other industries. In addition, all of the aluminum framing used to support the barricade walls is 100% recyclable.

“We estimate that we save tons of waste materials from going to America’s landfills every year, said Michael DeZaio, President of Center Stage Productions. We continue to seek out eco-friendly ideas and believe in doing our part to preserve the earth for future generations,” added DeZaio.
As a leading provider of seasonal décor to the shopping center industry, Center Stage Productions uses energy-efficient LED lights in all of its commercial holiday lighting displays. By using these LEDs, energy consumption is 10 times lower than incandescent bulbs for identical light brightness, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

Additionally, Center Stage Productions is doing its part to cut down on waste within its Soft Play Parks division. A leading manufacturer of soft play areas supplied to shopping centers throughout the US, Center Stage reclaims and reuses its production waste and recycles unusable waste.

“Center Stage Productions is committed to preserving landfill space, minimizing energy consumption and making environmentally responsible choices. While we think of every day as Earth Day, it’s nice to have this special day to reflect on the importance of conserving, protecting and respecting the Earth’s resources.” concluded DeZaio.

About Center Stage Productions

Center Stage Productions, based in Fair Lawn, NJ, custom creates a range of promotional environments including modular barricades, seasonal décor, festival lighting and children’s soft play areas for shopping centers, retailers, airports, amusement parks, museums, zoos and more. Center Stage Productions’ innovative designs have been created for hundreds of destinations across the United States and the world. In business for nearly 30 years, Center Stage Productions’ comprehensive services include design, planning, production, transportation, management and operations. For more information, please visit or contact Brenda Tietjen at

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