Optimizing the Modular Barricade Experience through Graphic Design


Center Stage Productions has created an innovative modular barricade system that redefines how malls utilize the space surrounding vacancies and construction. Our graphic design team collaborates with customers to transform standard barricades into marketing powerhouses. So, how do graphically enhanced barricades benefit shopping centers?

Here are a few reasons why visually stimulating modular barricades are necessary for any mall:

Advertising New Stores. If you had the choice between a plain barricade and one that tells a story, which would you choose? Not only can barricade graphics feature new stores and highlight brands, they also send shoppers a reassurance that the center is evolving to meet customer needs. This Talbots’ mall barricade depicts the future façade of the shopping center.

Answering customer questions… before they ask them. When a customer walks through your center and sees a blank barricade, it leaves much to the imagination. Questions such as, “What happened to the former occupant? Is a new store coming to this space or is the center having a hard time filling vacancies?” Do not give your shoppers a chance to worry about the state of the shopping center. Answer questions before assumptions are made by incorporating a graphic barricade system.

This Sugar & Plumm barricade tells shoppers exactly what will fill the vacancy and the subtle color scheme turns it into a visually pleasing wall of art.


Maintaining your Image. One goal of a modular barricade system is to keep your center looking clean. Shoppers are there to shop, not to walk through a construction zone. With proper graphics, your barricade might not even look like a barricade! Look at this Center Stage Productions design that blends so naturally with the mall’s decor that shoppers might just think it part of the wall.


By incorporating graphic design into your modular barricades, you can renovate your shopping center while maintaining a strong retail environment. Design options are unlimited – How do you envision an enhanced modular barricade benefiting your center?

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