Reimagine Your Commercial Christmas Tree with Brand New Technology


Are you looking for cutting-edge ideas to truly stand out this 2014 holiday season? Center Stage Productions is a technology leader when it comes to interactive holiday décor and we thrilled to share amazing new ways to enhance the holiday experience. Give your visitors a sensational and memorable encounter as they wait their turn for the time-honored tradition of visiting with Santa.

Want your décor to go “social”? Try our Interactive Trees.

Selfies are all over social media sites and this year we have taken the latest technology and combined it with social media to create a large-scale holiday tree with shoppers’ selfies as the decorative ornaments. A camera incorporated within the base of the tree gives guests an opportunity to snap selfies while waiting for their big moment with Santa. They can then choose to upload their photos to monitors cleverly set inside oversized ornaments, which adorn the tree. They can also share their photos on various social media sites or via email, thereby digitally promoting your shopping center. These photos are a great way for malls to connect with their customers, even after they leave. Bonus: The monitors can also provide valuable exposure for sponsor logos.

CSP Interactive Animated Tree; Happy Holidays! from Center Stage Productions on Vimeo.

Want to impress? Try our Color Changing RGB Illumination Tree.

In a new twist on holiday lighting, seemingly white globe-shaped ornaments now come alive in a multitude of vibrant colors using our brand new RGB illumination. Inside the globes, red, green and blue LED lights are programmed to come together at a gentle pace to produce a broad array of colors. These holiday trees create a captivating display of illumination. Watch the video and see for yourself!

CSP Interactive Animated Tree; Seasons Greetings from Center Stage Productions on Vimeo.

For added fun, the base of the tree will house three separate interactive activities for excited guests in the queue. A “Pick-a-song” Juke Box allows guests to select their favorite song from a pre-selected playlist of Christmas songs. A 5’x5’ Digital Interactive LED Light Wall uses LED lights and motion sensors to create interactive lighting animation on the wall that are triggered by touching the surface.  Lastly, holiday themed Match Games entertain young guests while they are waiting for their turn to see Santa. Based on concentration, players touch virtual cards to find matches. Once a match is made, a portion of the screen is revealed.


Center Stage Productions uses innovative technology applications to enhance a shopping center’s holiday ambiance. Because we integrate engaging technology with the rich tradition of the holiday season, customers will be drawn to your mall and be in the spirit to shop!

If you have questions about how to add some tech savvy spirit to your shopping center, then you’d like our new strategic seasonal decor Ebook. We’re here to help!

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