Santa Set Essentials – Everything Shopping Centers Need to Ensure a Successful Holiday Season


So your commercial property is hiring a Santa for the holiday season. How will you create an attractive, welcoming environment for the big guy? As a leading designer, innovator and manufacturer of commercial holiday décor, we highly recommend incorporating our list of “Santa Set Essentials” into your holiday display. Not only will Santa put you on his nice list, but your guests will also be appreciative of the stunning season décor program.

Avoid being on Santa’s naughty list this holiday season with the following Santa Set Essentials:

A Roomy, Comfy Chair

Santa is sitting all day and is joined by a variety of guests. The chair should be wide enough to hold Santa and his visitors; keep in mind that oftentimes Santa is joined by more than one guest at a time.  Don’t overlook the importance selecting a couch that will keep Santa happy all season long.  It should have plenty of comfortable padding, durable, stain resistant fabric and back support, promoting good posture for picture time.santa-set-for-malls

Interactive Games for Children

Children can get restless waiting on long lines. There are innovative ways to combine interactive, high-tech experiences with the rich tradition of the holiday season. We recommend building interactive games into the display itself to give keep kids entertained while they wait in line. As a result, parents and children are calmer when they get to visit with Santa.interactive-games-for-malls

Retail Display Cases

Well-designed display cases offer a place where guests can purchase their photos and photo accessories from their visit. Display cases can be customized to coordinate with the theme of your Santa set and be designed specifically for your available space.  Tastefully merchandised, well-lit display cases will attract attention, ultimately boosting your Santa photo sales.

Attractive Backdrop for Photos

Photos are special holiday memories and it’s important that the backdrop reflects the beauty of the season.  An attractive backdrop doesn’t compete with the guests and Santa, but should always compliment the photo. Backdrops should be high and wide enough to cover the frame so that all unwanted background elements are not part of your beautiful photo.  Classic backdrops such a winter snowfall scene or a fireplace mantle adorned with garland and ornamentation will enable guests to proudly display their photo celebrating their merry moments for years to come.backdrop-for-santa-photos-at-a-mall

Planned Traffic Flow

It’s important to have clearly marked entrances and exits so there is a planned traffic flow. This signage maintains order for Santa, photo operators and the guests. Guests enter through the reception area, enjoy their visit with Santa and proceed to exit near the photo display cases.santa-set-for-malls-signage

Stunning Décor

One expects Santa to have the latest and greatest holiday display! Impress guests of all ages with jaw dropping custom décor, beautiful colors, twinkling lights, synchronized lights shows and interactive displays. Creating stunning, welcoming décor makes for a magical experience for all.

Santa Sack for Giveaways

Children will be delighted to receive a special gift when they visit Santa. And Santa will be happy that his trusty sack is handy and filled with presents to put smiles on those young faces. The sack also keeps the area neat and clutter free.


A Hidden Fan

Santa’s suit is made for cold weather and a warm mall coupled with photography lighting can have Santa sweating. At Center Stage Productions, we build actual fans directly into the décor. This allows the display to keep a consistent holiday theme, while leaving Santa and visiting guests cool and calm. The best part is that you won’t be able to spot the fan, it’s so well blended in!santa-set-hidden-fan-1

Bonus – Interactive Snowflake Display

An Interactive Snowflake Display brings the magic of fresh falling snow into areas that may never normally see snow at Christmas. Body tracking sensors and real-time motion capture systems, similar to the ones used for experiential video games, manipulate visitors’ images within a series of winter backgrounds while they use hand gestures to play with virtual snowflakes. Such fun!interactive-snowflakes-holiday-decor

For more commercial holiday décor ideas, please download a copy of our eBook.


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