Seasonal Decor Design + Manufacturing + Installation: Conception to Completion with Peace of Mind

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The most important selling season of the year nearly upon us, and everything inside and outside of your shopping center has to be just right. Competition is fierce, but they’re no match for your creative vision. Your seasonal décor is going to take your shoppers by storm – delivering the most magical moments with Santa ever! Now you just need to find the right seasonal décor design + build firm to harness your vision and bring it to life. With more than 30 years of proven history as a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of seasonal décor, Center Stage Productions has the expertise to take your entire project from conception to completion, giving you complete peace of mind.

Creating Cherished Holiday Moments

“The holidays bring the gift of spending quality time with family and loved ones, to be in the moment and make special new ones,” said Michael DeZaio, President of Center Stage Productions. It is this moment making aspect that drives us to the dream up the most imaginative holiday environments in which cherished memories are made. Each of our holiday environments is one-of-a-kind, making it uniquely yours. Design is our passion and we draw our inspiration from your vision, your brand, your existing architecture and the culture of your target market. Inside our design studio filled with gorgeous ribbons, festive lights and swatches galore, inspiration takes root and ideas bloom as we mastermind motifs to fill your property with the spirit of the season.

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Crafted Masterpieces Created by Skilled Artisan Hands

Alongside inspired style, the commitment to flawless seasonal decor craftsmanship runs deep at Center Stage Productions. Using state-of-the-art technology coupled with traditional techniques, our highly skilled artisans custom tailor every project to achieve the full vision of our clients. Our in-house production facility hums as millworkers, carpenters, airbrush artists and sculptors carefully craft each décor element with precise production. The finest materials, durable construction and time-tested quality control measures ensure well-built décor that Santa’s visitors will enjoy for years to come.

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Expert Installation

Center Stage Productions will deliver and install your new holiday décor with an experienced crew, ensuring a smooth, worry–free set up. Every last detail matters and this is reflected in your installation as careful hands ensure that finishing touches are complete.

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Expert design, production and installation services at Center Stage Production offer you a full-service solution that delivers peace-of-mind. It’s no secret that we are a “yes we can” organization committed to ensuring the achievement of your objectives.

How can we help deliver peace-of-mind to you this holiday season?

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