Soft Playground Essentials – How to Create a Destination Playground


Your organization has decided to add a children’s play amenity to its property. That is great news! Have you thought about how to make it a must visit destination for families? As a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative play spaces, we highly recommend the following 9 key design elements. These features will help ensure that little ones and their parents regularly visit your venue.

A Unique Creative Theme Concept

What unique design elements will you incorporate to create a play space that is one-of-a-kind? Theme possibilities are endless. For design inspiration, you could look to significant local landmarks, rich historical happenings exclusive to your region, and popular pastimes or expand on a theme that already exists within your venue. Our team at Center Stage Productions can help you refine and design the concept of your dreams. PierreBossierMall

A Range of Soft Play Equipment

Children of all ages and abilities can interact and develop their social skills. A variety of soft play pieces allows for a versatility of exercises; some for visitors who are not quite steady on their feet and other pieces for children looking to jump and climb. Keep everyone happy with a variety of crawl-throughs, slide-downs, ride-ins and climb-ons. soft-playground-equipment

Comfortable Seating and Charging Stations for Caregivers

Parents and guardians will be grateful for a chance to relax and a comfy place to sit down.  They’ll love the comfort and style of built-in upholstered banquette seating and exterior counter space with stools – perfect for a coffee break. Additionally, we incorporate charging stations for phones and other electronic devices for parents as they watch their children play.

Safety Flooring and Anti-Microbial Play Pieces

We keep children safe and healthy. Our padded carpet for indoor use and poured rubber flooring for outdoor use absorbs impact and exceeds ASTM’s standards for drop and fall ratings. Play pieces are soft and squishy with grab points located exactly where children would expect them. Furthermore, parents can have peace of mind knowing our play pieces are coated with antimicrobial urethanes, which inhibit the growth of germs. picnicNokids-smaller

Rule Signs

Safety first! Having rules posted at the entrance of your playground is a great way to welcome guests and inform them of the guidelines for safe play and adult supervision, The sign can also include instructions to leave shoes in the custom designed shoe cubbies, which will help prolong the life of your playground. As an added bonus, the rules sign can be customized to complement the overall theme of your play park, further beautifying the space. Rules-Signage-Play-Park-Collage

Activities for Fine Motor Skills

Fun interactive wall games help children develop their fine motor skills and immerse them in positive sensory exploration. These engaging wall mounted games enhance the ability to move the hands and fingers in a smooth, precise and controlled manner. 112012-CspRock-045

Sponsor to Offset Cost

A soft play park is a powerful draw for sponsors who wish to attract the family demographic. At Center Stage Productions, we are able to offer various sponsor integration options in customized soft play areas. In turn, you can uniquely tailor the level of exposure the sponsor will receive, whether it needs to be a little or a lot.

Modular Play Pieces

Modular play areas are an exciting new design that we offer. Children enter these play parks and escape into a world of their own imagination. These parks are not locked into a standard shape, and extensions can be added to expand the size. The puzzle-like play pieces are still soft and squishy, perfect for getting the wiggles out.

Play Along the Way

When there is not enough time for a long visit to the play park, kids can “play-along-the-way.” With a modular playground, the small play elements, can be moved to any section of your shopping center’s common area, such seating areas, providing multiple, small scale play spaces for children as Mom shops. You can choose how many of these mini play opportunities you wish to incorporate.


For more information about our soft play parks, please download a copy of our eBook.

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