How Adding Technology To Your Santa Set Can Increase Shopper Visitation


One of the most beloved holiday traditions is making a special trip to the mall to take the kids to visit with Santa. In recent years, the experience has been greatly enhanced with the use of technology. Center Stage Productions is a technology leader when it comes to interactive holiday décor. Keep reading to learn how Center Stage’s technology builds excitement and creates a unique, memorable experience for holiday visitors.

Interactive touch screen games

While waiting in line to meet Santa, children can play on our interactive touch screen games. These monitors are built into the surrounding display area and are guaranteed to keep everyone entertained as they wait for their turn with Mr. Claus.


Interactive games include Christmas Matching, Decorate Your Christmas Tree, and Paint Your Christmas Ornament. The digital painting game allows children to select colors and fill in the blank areas on a Christmas ornament. Once complete, parents have the option to have their childs’ customized ornament sent to their email address, along with a message from Santa and from the shopping center.

Interactive snowflake display

Around the corner from Santa you will find an interactive snowflake display. This display gives visitors a virtual snow experience where they can use hand gestures to play with digital snowflakes. This is great fun for a child who has never experienced the magnificence of snowflakes falling gently around them, or for those who just love snow! Watch this short video clip of our interactive snowflake display:

Synchronized light and sound shows

Synchronized light and sound shows will entertain mall patrons of all ages. With impressive luminous effects, dazzling LED lights showers, snowflakes and stars dance and twinkle to the rhythm of holiday music. The following video clip shows a holiday display integrated with lights and holiday tunes:

As you can see, Center Stage Productions uses innovative technology applications to enhance a shopping center’s holiday ambiance. By integrating engaging technology with the rich tradition of the holiday season, Center Stage remains at the forefront of the commercial holiday décor industry.

What technologies are you most excited to see this holiday season?

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