The 10 Biggest Easter Décor Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


Easter is officially on its way!  Soon enough, it will be time for family photos with that famous fluffy bunny. Your bunny will need an “eggstra” special setting to welcome many guests. Is your décor ready to go? Center Stage Productions, a leading provider of custom designed commercial Easter décor, can create imaginative décor that delivers engaging, memorable experiences.

We’re here to help you avoid making one of these 10 Easter décor mistakes:

1. Not planning in advance

Extended lead time allows you to take advantage of better pricing.  Last minute orders cost more due to rush shipping of décor elements.

2. Not incorporating technology in your displays

While waiting in line to meet the Easter Bunny, children can play on our themed interactive touch screen games, perfect for entertaining tech-savvy children. Keep restless children and their parents entertained with body recognition experiences incorporated into your Easter set design.easter-interactive

3. Not integrating Easter décor with social media

In recent years, seasonal décor has been shared widely on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.  Take advantage of this with social media contests. These contests are a free way to monetize your décor, spread your reach and build on customer excitement.

4. An outdated, antiquated set

A tired, aging Easter set won’t give families the picture perfect experience they crave. Consider having your set refurbished or designing a new one altogether.  Guests will be eager to share photos that include whimsically decorated eggs, manicured hedges, lush grass and bright flowers.

5. Failing to place your décor in a high traffic area to maximize exposure

Choose the locations for your holiday decor that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Consider the major site lines and perspectives from where the decor will be seen. a1willowbrook-easter-2013

6. Not having a high enough backdrop

Backdrops should be high and wide enough to cover the frame to eliminate unwanted background scenes from your beautiful photos. Bunny’s throne, where photos take place, could be a larger than life sculpted egg decorated with a popular Easter pattern composed of polka dots, stripes and argyle all done in an array of fresh spring hues.

7. Inefficient flow of traffic within the set

It’s important to have clearly marked entrance and exits to maintain order. Guests enter into the set’s reception area and exit near the retail photo case.a3GSP-easter

8. Not including prominent retail display cases

Offer guests a place to purchase their holiday photos and accessories with a well-designed retail case. Our retail cases can be custom designed to match your décor and occupy your available space. A well-lit and handsomely merchandised counter will garner attention and boost photo sales.

9. Uncomfortable seating

The Bunny is going to be sitting all day and be joined by a variety of guests. Give him a supportive and comfortable seat, one that’s wide enough for a wiggly guest or two to sit alongside him. Fabric should be durable and stain resistant so your décor stays fresh for future seasons.

10. Not properly storing the commercial décor after the holiday

Take good care of your magnificent décor when it’s not on display.  To maximize the lifespan of your decorations, cover them with foam wrap, then shrink wrap, and store in water-tight crates.  If space is limited, we can create custom storage organizers to optimize your storage space.csp_win_at_easter_1200x800

We’d like to help you deliver an “eggcellent” experience this spring, so please contact us to learn more about how we can help!

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