The Best Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Seasonal Décor Using Social Media

Seasonal Décor Using Social Media

Wondering how you can maximize the value of your holiday displays? Look no further than a smart phone. Photographs of seasonal décor are already popping up on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

Search for your shopping center on Instagram and Twitter and see all of the great photos that are already out there. Customers of all ages are posting photos, and these amateur photographers are ready to interact. These photos are a great way for shopping centers to connect with their customers, even after they depart your mall.

Feeling the love. #paramusparkmall #love

A photo posted by G Patrick Teran (@gpteran) on

Social media contests are a great, almost instant way to interact you’re your customers. Contests can be as simple as asking cell phone photographers to use a #hashtag when they post their pictures.  Shopping centers can post signs next to holiday displays asking social media users to share their photo with a designated hashtag. Something as simple as “Use the hashtag #ParamusParkLove on Instagram to be in the running for a mall gift cards of up to $200,” would do the trick.  Hashtags and prizes can change with the holiday season in order to broaden reach. The mall’s marketing team can also follow these shoppers on social media and to continue building relationships by sharing exciting news and events.

Shoppers without social media accounts can still join in on the interactive fun! Email contests are another way to interact with tech savvy consumers. Ask people to email their guess for how many lights are in your holiday display or their prediction for how many visitors the Easter Bunny gets each day. Winners can be notified via email and included on the next shopping center newsletter.

Make sure you are using your holiday displays to their fullest potential.  Alternate between hashtag and email driven contests to capture hundreds of new followers and email addresses.  Social media and contests are a free way to monetize your décor, spread your reach and build on customer excitement.

The following photo from a shopper at Water Tower Place received 109 “likes” and 40 comments on Instagram!

Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with your visitors after they leave your center.

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