The Secrets of Large Format Graphics

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A picture is worth a thousand words. When it’s time to make a big splash, large format graphics are an excellent way to maximize advertising exposure, boost your brand and grab the attention you’re looking for. Depending on your needs, you may want barricade graphics, vinyl banners, point-of-purchase signage, event banners and more to deliver an impactful message to your target market. So how do you know which graphic imaging company to choose when it comes time to bring your campaign to life?

Trust the Experts for Great Results

Quality printing is not just the result of the equipment and materials used. Many printing professionals use the same machinery to produce large format graphic images. The difference lies in quality control measures and the caring experts you entrust with generating your graphics. Machines simply cannot replace the human factor when it comes to large format printing.MODULAR_BARRICADE_GRAPHICS_DESIGN

Large-scale printing is costly and takes time and preparation, which means you only get one chance to print it and see it at full size. Choose a company whose technicians will stop a print job in progress if it doesn’t stand up to the highest quality control standards; take time to make the necessary adjustments and reprint for flawless finished work. Your printer should guarantee to inspect your graphics for accuracy prior to installation.

The Importance of Designing for Legibility

Large-scale graphics are unique in that they will be viewed both from far away and up close. You must create images and designs that are easily visible from both distances. Keep in mind that your audience will likely see your large-scale graphics first from far away. Therefore, it is imperative that designers use images that don’t lose their legibility from far away.csp_billboard_twitter

3 Things to Remember When Designing Large Scale Graphics

  • Keep distinct images and text well spaced
  • Use easy to read fonts and keep text at a minimum
  • Use high contrasting colors between backgrounds and overlay imagery or text to maintain visibility.GRAPHIC_TIPS_REMINDERS

The Key to Great Graphics

The lucky number is 300!  300 DPI is the magic number for creating a great graphic.  It ensures nice, smooth edges, with crisp sharp detail and will uphold the integrity of your design and ultimately your company’s brand identity.72 vs 300 DPI_graphics

Provide your finalized artwork in the proper format, so your designer can prepare for print. We recommend:

  • Print ready high resolution PDF with crops and bleeds
  • InDesign (packaged with fonts/links and IDML file)

The goal is to create a design that will technically and artistically look great, plus ensure that it’s ready for print and easy to work with when changes are needed.

Now you’re ready to make a big splash with large-scale graphics! Grab our free eBook for more inspiration.

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