The Top 8 Reasons Parents Choose Malls with a Soft Play Park


Parents usually take their children with them when they shop at the mall. They know their toddlers can often become cranky and restless from sitting in a stroller or having to wait patiently while they shop. An indoor soft play park offers benefits for both parents and children, allowing everyone to look forward to the next trip to the mall!

We’ve compiled the top 8 reasons parents will choose to visit a shopping center with a soft play park:

#1 Soft play parks promote exercise and healthy living. Through providing a variety of exercise equipment, Center Stage play parks facilitate childhood well-being through the development of stronger bones and muscles.reasons_malls_need_play_parks_healthyliving

#2 Indoor play parks offer socialization for little ones. Children learn to share and interact with their peers in a safe and fun place. These skills are building blocks that will serve them throughout life.

#3 Kids can hone their fine and gross motor skills through play. Navigating the ladders, crawl-throughs and jumping builds their gross and locomotor skills; while the interactive wall games help build fine motor skills.reasons_malls_need_play_parks

# 4 Young ones also develop cognitive skills through play. With play structures sized just right for little ones, they’ll discover how to do things for themselves while exploring on their own and playing with others.

#5 Parents utilize a visit to the soft play park as an incentive to reward their children for good behavior during a shopping trip.  Children are happy to be taken to an exciting place to can burn off excess energy and parents accomplish their shopping goals, so everyone wins!

#6 Parents can sit and relax in the play park’s comfortable banquette seating and use the cell phone charging stations built into the seating area while their little ones enjoy playtime. Everyone gets a nice little break without having to leave the mall.

#7 Soft play parks offer a safe place for children to play. All Center Stage play parks have a set of rules and guidelines to ensure safety of tiny guests. Parents may take comfort in knowing that all Center Stage Productions play pieces are coated with ASTM code compliant antimicrobial urethanes, which inhibit the growth of germs, bacteria and other microorganisms.RuleBoards_mall_playground

#8 Play parks add a way to connect with the community and to share local history.  Our play parks can be customized to feature any design imaginable, including local history or community icons. Parents will be impressed by the unique design, feel a sense of community pride and have a fun way to teach their children a little local history along the way.reasons_malls_need_play_parks_customized2

A soft play park will help the shopping center to become a destination for family fun by combining an exciting play space with a customized theme that resonates with visitors. Children will be excited and request trips to your mall to visit the play park.

csp_8_reasons_kids_mall_play_parks_twitterYour play park can be completely customized to your unique vision. When it comes to theme ideas, the sky is the limit because Center Stage Productions custom designs all soft play pieces one at a time, exclusively for each individual client.

Download your free copy of our eBook to discover how to draw families to your destination with a soft play park that delivers the ultimate experience for your littlest guests!

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