The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Commercial Holiday Décor


The best time to start planning your commercial holiday décor is actually a year in advance. While that may sound extreme, this allows you time to plan the perfect design for your shopping center. As you’re out and about this holiday season, take note of any holiday décor that catches your eye and snap a few pictures for future reference. Is it the lighting, the colors, the style, the use of technology? All of these elements are very important when creating a commercial décor program for the following year. What’s even better when you plan early? You’re guaranteed to get better pricing than if you wait until the last minute.

This post will show you what elements to take into consideration when planning your décor so you can “wow” your guests and attract new visitors. You will learn the best times to install your holiday set as well as when the design and manufacturing need to be complete. We’ll wrap up with how to properly remove and store your décor program to best protect your investment.

#1 Location, Design, Style and Shoppers Matter When Planning a Seasonal Decor Program

Whether you need a new custom designed holiday decor program or want to update your existing one, you’ll need to determine how to make the season sparkle brighter than ever.  We put together The Top 10 Tips to Plan Your Mall’s Holiday Décor so you know what to focus on during the months leading up to the most important selling season of the

#2 Key Areas to Focus on when Beginning to Plan Commercial Decor

The key to driving in-store traffic is to provide an unforgettable visual experience that guests can’t get anywhere else. Visiting Santa is a time honored tradition for many families. Creating a holiday environment that is exciting, fun and meaningful can produce results for your shopping center and set you apart from the competition. The more impressive the décor, the more likely guests will share pictures of it in the digital world, thus increasing the exposure of your holiday décor. For tips on where to begin planning your decor, see our post, Get the Most out of Planning Early with These 4 Christmas Mall Decor Tips.

#3 The Right Motif, Color, Shape and Scale Create an Exciting Exterior for Your Property

Have you thought about how exterior décor and festival lighting can enhance the outside of your shopping center? All too often the interior is the focus of attention and the exterior pales in comparison. We’ll help you create Guaranteed Holiday Sparkle for the Exterior of Your Shopping Center.Exterior-Decor-for-Malls

#4 How to Have an Amazing Lighting Display While Keeping an Eye on the Bottom Line

Holiday lights are magical and a large part of unique holiday displays but you don’t want to spend your entire budget on electricity! Discover the Benefits of using LED Lighting in your Commercial Holiday Décor for a fabulous yet cost effective display.

#5 Creating an Inviting and Stunning Space for Your Guests and Your Santa

As a leading designer, innovator and manufacturer of commercial holiday décor, we recommend incorporating our list of “Santa Set Essentials” into your holiday display. It contains everything shopping centers need to ensure a successful holiday season. Not only will Santa put you on his nice list, but your guests will also be appreciative of the stunning season décor program.SANTA-SET-HOLIDAY-DECOR-FOR-MALLS

#6 How Early is too Early for Installing Commercial Décor?

We’re often asked When is the Best Time to Install Your Holiday Décor? To balance needs of the early birds and traditional shoppers we begin installing décor November 1st. To meet this installation date, your décor needs to be designed, manufactured and prepped for shipping by October, which means you need to start planning early!best-time-to-install-commercial-decor

#7 Protecting and Storing the Customized Décor You’ve Invested In

Removing and storing your beautiful décor isn’t as simple as boxing up the ornaments and moving them to the basement. Commercial decorations are a significant investment and need special equipment and skills for safe removal. We recommend you follow our Best Practices for Removal and Storage of Holiday Décor to ensure a long lifespan for your

For more commercial holiday décor ideas for malls, please download a copy of our eBook.

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