Thinking About Adding a Soft Playground at your Zoo? 5 Reasons Why It’s Worth It


Zoos around the country profoundly influence the lives of children by introducing them to the wonders of nature. By sharing their passion for conservation and preservation of wildlife, zoos help children connect with the environment and enhance their understanding and love of animals. In addition, parents appreciate the interactive exhibits, tours and educational programs that help their children learn more about animals and their habitats. A soft playground can further enhance the experience for families who visit your zoo.

Here are 5 reasons why children, and their parents, will be happy your zoo includes a soft playground:csp_zoo_checklist

Zoo Themed Play Parks Foster Learning

Zoos with animal themed soft playgrounds help reinforce what children learned while visiting the zoo. They can explore and connect with replicas of the animals they just saw. A play park creates an interactive experience that blends hands-on-learning with fun. Kids will imagine that they’re climbing trees with monkeys and walking with elephants. Fun memories from their visit to the zoo will help inspire children to care for nature and can spark an interest in conservation. soft-playground-animals-for-zoos

Play Parks Are Safe for Exploring

Children are able to explore, take risks and discover the world on their terms in a safe environment. Center Stage Productions play pieces are smooth and protective with grab points where children would expect them to be. Soft, squishy play pieces sit atop padded flooring, which absorbs impact and exceeds ASTM’s standards for drop and fall ratings, and ultimately keeps children safe.

Play Parks Engage the Senses

Specially designed with early learners’ needs in mind, this active area will spark a sense of wonder in young visitors and develop their mental and motor skills through full-bodied play. Play has powerful impacts on young people’s growth and development, influencing how our children progress into adulthood. Playing engages all of their senses and has an impact on both their emotional and physical development. It helps them learn how to problem-solve, fosters creativity and helps them concentrate. By playing in the zoo’s play park, kids learn to love animals and develop lifelong conservation values.

Play Parks Strengthen Family Learning

Families are always searching for places that provide a fun, safe play space. It’s an added bonus if the play space combines fun with educational opportunities. At your zoo’s soft playground, parents will appreciate watching their children grow, explore, imagine and create. Children can describe what they have seen and ask questions. Parents can share their knowledge as well as their love of nature and animals.

Soft Play Parks Are Designed Specifically for your Zoo

Center Stage Productions creates custom play pieces, one at a time, to the specification of their clients. We can design play pieces that reflect the animals that the children have just seen. For added fun, we can have the animals make appropriate sounds when the children climb on them and can incorporate interactive wall games. All of our play pieces are versatile and can be used in an outdoor or indoor park, depending on your zoo’s needs. A soft playground provides children an outlet for their energy and desire to learn. Your zoo’s play space will complement the existing attractions and will lead to more family fun for your visitors.

Contact us for soft playground information or download our free eBook for more ideas on how to draw families to your zoo with a soft play park.


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