Top 3 Reasons Child Care Centers Should Invest in Soft Playgrounds


Parents consider many factors when choosing a day care center for their children. Superior child care and a stimulating cirriculum are essential, but so is the right atmosphere to foster healthy social, physical and cognitive development. The ideal child care center should create a warm and welcoming environment for children and their families. A soft playground (or play park) combines all of these features and allows children to develop unique talents and practical, problem-solving intelligence.

Soft Playgrounds Facilitate Learning

a8kidgits-baby-in-tunnelA soft play park is a fun, exciting entertainment forum for children age 5 and under. It is a safe space which will help children grow physically, emotionally and mentally through interaction with peers, staff and the playground itself.  Research has proven that young children learn to think by doing, playing and talking.  Center Stage Productions’ soft play parks promote cognitive development with a variety of activities, including crawl-throughs, slide downs, climb-ons, or ride-ins, and wall-mounted games.

Soft Playgrounds Provide Information on Development


Young children rapidly gain strength, agility, motor skills, and a host of other physical and cognitive skills.  Our soft play parks create an opportunity for children to develop their motor, perceptual and social skills in a fun, unique environment.  With play structures sized just right for little ones, they’ll discover how to do things for themselves while exploring on their own and playing with others.

As a childcare provider, you will observe children at play and can assess their development.  The play park environment provides valuable information to share with parents to ensure that their children are making the right developmental progress.

Soft Playgrounds can be Designed Exclusively for Your Child Care Center

indoorsoftplayground.pngCenter Stage Productions custom designs all soft play pieces, one at a time, to the specifications of each client.  Soft play parks are versatile; play pieces can take virtually any shape in an indoor or outdoor park, depending on the needs of your center.  A park featuring numbers and letters can be created in fun colors that will engage your young customers, differentiate your child care center from the competition and impress parents.


Soft playgrounds can bring any venue to life, especially ones that cater to the imaginations of young children.


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