Top 3 Sponsorship Integration Ideas for Soft Play Areas


You’re challenged with finding a sponsor for your soft play area and need to show your potential sponsor the immense value they’ll receive once they become a featured attraction at your venue.  A soft play area is a valuable amenity with the power to deliver the highly sought after family demographic to your sponsor. With various sponsor integration options in customized soft play areas, you have the opportunity to uniquely tailor the level of exposure the sponsor will receive, whether it needs to be a little or a lot.

Here are 3 ways to give your sponsors the exposure for which they’ll pay top dollar:

#1  For short term deals that warrant only signage, utilizing the exterior of your play area’s enclosure provides tremendous brand visibility.  This “wall” wraps around the play area, allowing it to be seen from many different viewpoints.  Equip your surrounding enclosure with interchangeable signage platforms which makes the signage easy to replace  when needed.  This will make for a turnkey transition if your sponsor changes from year to year.


#2  For sponsors that want to amplify their exposure and marketing spending, temporary embellishments can be added to the play structures themselves in creative ways.  For example, at Deptford Mall in NJ, Inspira Health Network’s soft foam ribbon banner adorns the hot air balloon, the centerpiece of the soft play space.  This ribbon banner can be easily replaced with a new sponsor or removed altogether if necessary.


#3  Sponsors seeking a long term commitment can be fully immersed in the overall play area design. The entire park will be branded with their logo and customized in their own unique theme.  This type of soft play area gives them the ability to hold their audience’s attention, while  embodying the personality of their brand. Customizations can be made to both play pieces themselves along with themed flooring.  For example, if your sponsor is a car dealership group, the soft play equipment could feature mini versions of their new vehicles on roadway themed carpeting, giving your littlest guests the ultimate ride.


How do you see customized sponsorship integration working at your shopping center?


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