Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Barricade Wall or Hoarding Provider

Top 5 barricade questions

So you have a new retail store or restaurant about to go under construction and you need a temporary wall enclosure or hoarding to not only contain the behind the scenes construction but also generate excitement for the big grand opening. How do you know which service provider is best equipped to help you through the transition? Whether you are a shopping center, mall, outdoor lifestyle center, airport retailer, or a construction firm there are certain things you should expect from your barricade provider. We’ve put together the top 5 questions to ask your barricade provider about how to conceal construction work before the big reveal in order to determine if you’ve found the right partner:

1) Are your barricade walls reusable and eco-friendly? Unlike traditional drywall barricades, eco-friendly wall enclosures are rentable and can be rebuilt and reused for future store build-outs, achieving complete landfill avoidance. A highly sustainable product, reusable walls are fabricated from reclaimed materials and are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life. When you choose reusable barricades, you are conserving resources that would have been otherwise lost to landfills and making an environmentally responsible choice.

Tip: Ask your barricade provider for a Landfill Avoidance Report, which will demonstrate how your projected new store openings will translate into tons of landfill avoidance simply by using reusable barricades. eco friendly 2) Is your barricade product Class A/1 fire rated? Building regulations and fire codes are strict for all construction sites. Use a barricade system that has achieved the Class A/1 fire rating, the highest rating in the industry. All materials used in barricade installations should meet or exceed all international building and fire codes, making your fire inspections smooth and worry free.

3) Can you guarantee a mess-free installation? No spackle + no paint = no mess. Request modular barricade panels that connect seamlessly and don’t require spackle and sanding that create clouds of dust. Dust resistant seams are imperative. Seek out barricade panels that have an integrated seal which not only create an impenetrable dust barrier but also reduce construction noise. In addition, wall panels should come in a neutral color so no painting is required, helping to keep the area clean. Barricade collage 4) Can my barricade walls and attention grabbing graphics be installed all on the same night? Make it easy for yourself! Use a full service firm that not only provides barricades services but ALSO in-house graphics services too, so all your needs are covered. Your provider should be able to install at least 300 linear feet of barricade wall panels along with floor to ceiling graphics all in one night. Design, project management, installation and removal services are imperative services to look for in a barricade firm. A barricades provider that also has an in-house graphics studio complete with a graphic design, printing and installation team, all under one roof, is absolutely ideal. Barricades and graphics teams work closely together to deliver the turn-key client experience you’ll want.

Tip: Think of your barricade walls as a new blank slate, which can be boldly transformed into a giant billboard. Floor to ceiling graphics can wrap your wall enclosure seamlessly for a flawless finish that not only looks fantastic, but also generates lots of excitement for your grand opening. Graphic collage 5) Can the barricade walls be configured and customized for my unique space? Seek a barricade firm that offers modular wall panels that can be configured for any length, width or height. Product line-ups should include a range of wall panel heights including 4’, 6’, 12’, 14’ and even 16’, perfect to enclose construction on any size retailer from a small kiosk to a large in-line store. Wall panels should be seamless, not stacked to achieve various heights. Seek out specialists that have the expertise to follow the contour and radius of your architecture. Experts can achieve an array of profiles from cylindrical to concave. Rounded corners deliver a sleek look. different heights Center Stage Productions can proudly answer “yes” to all of the above questions. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you flawlessly conceal your construction project until your big grand opening day!    

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