Top Reasons Businesses Should Sponsor Soft Play Parks


As a business, there are numerous ways to become a sponsor and get business-boosting exposure. A unique way to get in front of thousands of people every day is by partnering with your local mall. Shopping centers are staples of communities and attract millions of guests each year. By teaming up with malls, you will help create a memorable shopping experience for the customer and invaluable exposure your brand.


In July 2013, Deptford Mall opened Southern New Jersey’s First Custom Themed Soft Play Park and it is sponsored by Inspira Health Network. Inspira is a charitable nonprofit health care organization, so supporting an environment that promotes wellness, physical activity and social engagement for kids makes perfect sense for this sponsor.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons businesses can benefit from sponsoring soft play parks.

  • Malls attract thousands of visitors every single day, many of which are families who will visit this child friendly attraction in order to take well deserved “shopping breaks.”  While children are playing, sponsors are getting great brand exposure in front of a valuable audience.  In addition, sponsors signage will get noticed by passerby’s.
  • When you sponsor a play park, you are creating a positive association between your brand and a healthy environment for children. Center Stage play parks provide a controlled, safe environment for children to be active and social.
  • Sponsoring play parks can connect you directly with your target market. If your audience includes parents or kids, displaying your logo throughout the park puts you in directly in front your ideal customer.
  • By partnering with a mall, your business will not only get in front of the mall’s onsite shoppers but also their online audience.  Deptford Mall shared the following two posts on their own Facebook page, which reaches an audience of over 25,000 people.


  • Living in a digital age, social media is everywhere. Parents love to take pictures of their kids playing, which means your logo can very easily be present into the background of one of these publically posted photographs.

Sponsoring a soft play park can benefit your business in numerous ways.  Places such as airports, museums, zoos, stadiums and sports arenas are beginning to add play parks to their establishments.  This provides even more opportunities for your business to reach new audiences – both onsite and online.

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