Top Reasons it’s Important for Faith-Based Organizations to Have Soft Play Parks


Faith-based organizations and worship centers have a unique role in the life and overall development of a child. By adding a custom soft play park, you can enhance a child’s life through play as well as become a resource to the community around you.

Here are our top reasons to install this child friendly amenity:

Faith organizations perform a critical role in children’s evolution along with play.

Adding a customized soft playground provides a great place to encourage healthy minds and bodies. Church play parks are an important component in developing social, emotional and cognitive skills. Children use their imaginations and senses during play. They learn to negotiate with others, to share and to be kind while overcoming obstacles. Leadership skills are learned on the playground and carried throughout life.

Play parks encourage attendance at services.

Faith-based organizations are also looking for unique ways to appeal to more people as they compete with many other activities for the attention of parents and their children. Many congregations are adding services like baby-sitting and supervised play which gives stressed parents a break and time to mingle with other adults in their community. It also gives young children a place to get the “wiggles” out as well as another way to learn about their religion. When children are having fun at church they will ask to attend and their parents will be happy to bring them along, ultimately establishing good attendance habits for the whole family.

Play Parks help to grow and develop the congregation.

A play park offers a sense of stability for the congregation by investing in a fun, safe place for children to play. By adding a play park, you’re making a commitment that your house of worship will be a place for fun gatherings for all members; making it a warm and welcoming place. An attractive play space draws families looking for a new church home and offers an opportunity to reach out to others through church-led events that foster the community spirit.

It’s important as community leaders to help end childhood obesity

As trusted leaders in the community houses of worship can also help develop healthy habits in children and their families. Offering a place for little ones to move around is one step faith organizations can take to encourage healthy lifestyles for their congregants. Exercise is a crucial part in helping end childhood obesity.

Soft Playgrounds can be developed exclusively for your worship center.

There are a few things to consider when you plan for a church playground. Will the park be used before and after services or as a part of church day care or school programs? Would you like an indoor or an outdoor play park? Where is the best specific spot for your play park?  A custom soft play park designer and manufacturer, such as Center Stage Productions has the expertise to bring your vision to life with a play environment developed exactly to your specifications.  Even better, the sky’s the limit when it comes to theming ideas for your soft play park.  From Biblical themes that inspire meaningful teachings to nature themes that foster imagination, the possibilities are endless! With themed play equipment cleverly designed as slides, crawl-throughs, climb ins, ride-ons and more, you’ll have all the versatility you need to achieve your goals.  .

What’s your vision for your congregation’s soft play park?

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