Top Trends for Commercial Holiday Décor in 2014


Have you ever wondered what inspires popular themes/trends in commercial holiday décor? Thematic inspiration for commercial holiday décor comes from high-fashion store windows, popular culture, technology, international influences and award winning movies. Once a trend comes to life, it progresses and it often becomes a part of the décor people want to see in their homes and the clothes they want to wear. These trends trickle into commercial holiday décor design.

For example, nods to The Great Gatsby and 1920’s fashion will make their way onto the 2014 holiday scene. Ornamentation with beaded fringe and touches of faux fur along with jewel and crystal strung garland will be on trend for 2014. Look for hues of soft gold and peachy apricot this holiday season. Hematite is the metal influence.

Blues are big for holiday 2014. Blue hues ranging from ice blue, stemming from Disney’s blockbuster “Frozen” to the deeper, yet equally stunning Montana blue will be popular.

The 3 major trends emerging in the holiday commercial market are:


#1 Giant sized expandable/collapsible ornament frames covered with stretched fabrics are emerging onto the commercial holiday market.

This trend began in the event industry and is now spilling over into the commercial holiday décor industry. These large-scale ornaments can be suspended in multi-story environments or atriums to create a dramatic effect and are versatile, lightweight and economical. It is easy to update the look from year to year by simply changing the fabric that covers the frame. These ornament frames are available in a range of shapes and sizes, adding to the fun.

#2 On the technology front, apps for mobile devices are being created to connect people to the holiday environment, allowing them to be a part of the experience.

Interactive elements may be found on a Santa set, an illuminated Christmas tree or a holiday light show. Examples include being able to send a message to Santa’s house, having a special message displayed in lights or on a screen and even controlling aspects a synchronized holiday light show choreographed to festive tunes. This technology that allows people to tell holiday décor what to do can be great fun and enable people to immerse themselves in the magic of the season.

#3 LED lighting. One of the newest advancements in LED lighting is the color changing RGB bulb.

Each individual bulb has the ability to change into many different hues at a gentle pace, captivating spectators. In addition, more and more commercial properties have been replacing their incandescent holiday lights with energy efficient LEDs. LEDs are now available in warmer tones to mimic the glow of traditional incandescent bulbs. To learn about the many benefits of using LED lighting, click here.


Is your commercial décor ready for the 2014 holiday season? Let us create an exceptional design for you. Contact us today!

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