Transform Your Location into a Child-Friendly Destination with Soft Playgrounds


Soft play parks are versatile and a great addition to many commercial, cultural, entertainment and lifestyle centers, as well as faith based organizations. Custom-themed soft play parks, designed specifically for your organization, transform your location into an impressive destination for families. Parents want the best for their children and at Center Stage Productions, we want to help you provide that “something extra” for visitors.

A play park is a soft space for those who aren’t quite steady on their feet as well as for those who want to climb and jump. Whatever the child’s age, public play parks allow children to interact with new friends and encourage development of social skills. At Center Stage, we strive for versatility of exercises in our play parks through varied activities such as crawl-throughs, slide downs, climb-ons, ride-ins and wall-mounted games. Parents will enjoy the seating area where they can relax and recharge their electronic devices.

Our soft, squishy play pieces sit atop padded carpet, which absorbs impact and exceeds ASTM’s standards for drop and fall ratings, and ultimately keeps children safe. Parents can have peace of mind knowing our play pieces are coated with antimicrobial urethanes, which inhibit the growth of germs, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Often found in shopping centers, here are unique ways malls thrive with soft play parks:

A mall with a soft play park can be welcome sight for parents of toddlers. Children can become cranky and restless from waiting while parents shop. A play park gives both parents and children a much needed break. A soft play park will help the shopping center to become a destination for family fun by combining an exciting play space with a customized theme that resonates with visitors. csp_8_reasons_kids_mall_play_parks_twitter

For the Pierre Bossier Mall, we created a play park based on historically significant events in Bossier City. The park’s tallest feature is an oil derrick, which is a nod to the role Bossier City played in the early 1900’s oil boom. Also included are a paddlewheel riverboat and a B52 bomber.PierreBossierMall

The Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas has their park designed around local icons, which captures the spirit of the area. As a fun bonus, there have been sound sensors embedded in some of the play pieces so they make realistic noises when touched. ABP_1898-already-edited

As soft playgrounds expand outside of the mall, the following locations are ideal for play parks:

Airport terminals can help create a positive travel experience for tiny travelers and their families with a soft play area. An airport play park gives children an area to make the wait time enjoyable and a place to get the wiggles out before the plane ride. Here is how your airport can get an edge on the competitionAirport Needs a Soft Play Park

Fitness centers provide a valuable amenity to busy parents who want to work out but lack childcare. The whole family can have a place to go for exercise and little ones can make new friends too! Check out 5 Reasons Fitness Centers need a Custom Soft PlaygroundPlaygroundingyms

Sports stadiums create a fun environment for the entire family when they incorporate a soft playground for the littlest visitors. Mom and dad may be avid sports fans but the little guests often have their own ideas of a good time! Here is how we can create a play area that replicates your ball field, concession stand and mascot! Sports Stadiums Should Have Soft Play Parks

Children’s hospitals benefit from play space since children can feel at ease and have a sense of comfort while at the hospital. Play can be an important part of the healing process as well; children get a chance to play and forget the medical procedures for a while. Here are other ways a playground adds value to your children’s hospital.

Faith-based organizations and worship centers have a unique role in the life and overall development of a child. By adding a custom soft play park, you can enhance a child’s life through play as well as become a resource to the community around you. Here are the Top Reasons it’s Important for Faith Based Organizations to have Soft Play Parks. play-ground-worship-center

Child care centers with stimulating play areas that foster social, physical and cognitive development have an edge over their competition. Read more to learn how playgrounds foster learning and provide childcare givers with information on children’s development.

Aquariums foster learning and enthusiasm and a play park can enhance that for your guests. To see how we can design an under-the-sea adventure your visitors will never forget read: 4 Reasons Aquariums Need to Have Soft Play Spaces for Children4-reasons-aquariums-need-playspaces-post

Children’s museums pair with play spaces to nurture creativity, curiosity and learning. Children will learn problem solving, critical thinking as well as develop fine and gross motor skills. To learn more how museums benefit, please read: Why You Should Consider Adding a Soft Play Park in Your Children’s Museumcsp_childrens_museum_twitter-2

Soft playgrounds help increase visitation to your organization by transforming your existing location into a child friendly destination. Your space will be a place where parents feel confident their children will be happy and safe as well as a place children want to return to.

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