When is the Best Time to Install Commercial Holiday Décor?


Halloween is almost here, the leaves are changing, days are getting shorter and the air is getting chilly. For retailers that can only mean one thing – the holiday season is coming!

In the world of holiday shopping, retail competition is fierce; plans and preparations have been in the works for months. Large retailers such as Macy’s are making decisions in the face of growing pressure from rival stores who promote holiday shopping earlier and earlier. A popular question we receive from retailers is “how early is too early for commercial seasonal décor?”HOW-EARLY-CAN-YOU-DECORATE-FOR-CHRISTMAS

According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) holiday survival kit, the holiday season is the top-spending event of the year for department stores. Sales in November and December can account for as much as 30% of a retailer’s annual sales. They also note that shoppers like to spread out their spending by shopping early, with nearly 40% starting their purchases prior to Halloween! Another 40% will begin shopping in November and shopping will not slow down until the end of December.  NRF is also expecting holiday sales to increase 4.1% in 2014, a healthy gain over last holiday season’s 3.1% increase.

To help retailers balance the needs of early birds and traditional shoppers, we recommend installing commercial holiday décor as early as November 1st and no later than November 21st. Everything should be in place before Thanksgiving and the Black Friday shopping rush.  when-to-install-commercial-decor-2

As a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial décor, Center Stage Productions will begin our own commercial holiday installations on November 1 and will continue through November 18th. Our expert team will work diligently while the stores are closed, during the evening and early morning hours, to avoid any disruption to shoppers.when-to-install-holiday-decor

By mid-November, all Santa sets will be installed and ready for Santa’s big arrival. In many shopping centers, Santa is known to arrive about two weeks before Black Friday. Brick and mortar stores are competing with on-line retailers, so unveiling your holiday display will give shoppers a reason to visit your mall early in the shopping season.

Don’t miss any opportunities to attract guests to your destination. Spectacular seasonal décor sets the tone and must be in place when and where shoppers are ready to spend.


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